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Special Issue on Andrea Levy

Edited by Wendy Knepper

Date added Title Type File size
17 Jul 2012 Introduction: Andrea Levy’s Dislocating Narratives: Wendy Knepper 124.1 KB
10 Jul 2012 The Familiar Made Strange: The Relationship between the Home and Identity in Andrea Levy’s Fiction: Jo Pready 95.3 KB
10 Jul 2012 Crossing Over: Postmemory and the Postcolonial Imaginary in Andrea Levy’s Small Island and Fruit of the Lemon: Claudia Marquis 118.0 KB
10 Jul 2012 “Telling Her a Story”: Remembering Trauma in Andrea Levy’s Writing: Ole Laursen 94.3 KB
10 Jul 2012 Identity as Cultural Production in Andrea Levy’s Small Island: Alicia E. Ellis 107.0 KB
10 Jul 2012 Women Writers and the Windrush Generation: A Contextual Reading of Beryl Gilroy’s In Praise of Love and Children and Andrea Levy’s Small Island: Sandra Courtman 117.0 KB
10 Jul 2012 Representations of Ageing and Black British Identity in Andrea Levy’s Every Light in the House Burnin’ and Joan Riley’s Waiting in the Twilight: Charlotte Beyer 92.4 KB
10 Jul 2012 Stranger in the Empire: Language and Identity in the ‘Mother Country’: Ann Murphy 100.5 KB
10 Jul 2012 A Written Song: Andrea Levy’s Neo-Slave Narrative: Maria Helena Lima 107.8 KB
10 Jul 2012 Coloured: Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar 45.6 KB
10 Jul 2012 Letter to Motherwell: Rhona Hammond 48.2 KB
10 Jul 2012 Contributors 33.6 KB
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