Mission statement

EnterText's mission is to use the technological revolution to open up serious and creative engagement with cultural, social and historical issues in ways not hitherto possible. In particular the e-journal partners the texts it publishes with forums for reader-response and ongoing discussion: readers are invited to enter their own text.

It aims to break down traditional classifications which limit the style and range of discussion. The old compartments and categories are here replaced with interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, trans-generic and experimental discourse. A distinctive feature is that the journal gives equal weight to both rigorously refereed academic studies and textual or visual creative work.

It will be able to respond much faster than traditional journals to unfolding events and ideas. Its scope is not limited by the cost implications of length which constrain traditional publications. Above all, it transcends the barriers to access associated with paper journals, which are part of a financial market affected by shareholders, geography, and academic and library funding, and often reach only a tiny elite.

Access is free, instant, and international. EnterText will be able to reach anyone anywhere with access to the internet. Founded in the millennium year, its message is that it is interested to hear what they have to contribute - that the era of the ivory tower is over.

Page last updated: Wednesday 07 September 2011