Bloomberg access ‘will increase employability’ of Brunel students

Published: Thursday 29 March 2012
Richard Hong

Students at Brunel University now have access to the Bloomberg economic and finance data system, and Dr. Russ Moro thinks it will make them more desirable to employers after graduation.

There are eleven Bloomberg terminals on the third floor of the library that are open to all students, and the Economics and Finance lecturer believes that this will boost their CVs.

Dr. Moro said: “If employers know that students are working with applications that are used in the outside world after university then that’s something that will definitely impress.

“It will increase employability because it’s the same system that’s used in banks. We can incorporate it into lectures and teach on real-world examples. This is what employers like to see.”

Bloomberg has become an industry standard for the provision of financial data, and now students have access to worldwide economic information, as well as news and analysis.

Lorna Mitchell of the Brunel University library said: “In addition to expanding the range of data that is now available to support research by both staff and students, access to Bloomberg will also improve Brunel students’ employability.”

The service also offers online exams that students can take to show employers that they know how to work with the data system, which is used in the financial sector.

Bloomberg’s Pooja Patel said: “In the real world, working in a bank or financial institution which has Bloomberg, students will have an advantage – even more so if they pass the exams.

“Someone sitting at a bank has the same information in front of them. This is advantageous training, and there are a lot of benefits even just from having this on your CV.”

The system’s data and charts can be exported either to Microsoft Excel or as a PDF file, and this will prove to be an invaluable resource for students conducting research for their assignments and dissertations.

Chairman of the Brunel Investment Society Amrit Rai said: “This will make a difference. It will be of value in students’ careers and as they will be able to show that they can use a professional system.”

Bloomberg access is available now on the third floor of the Brunel University library.

Page last updated: Thursday 29 March 2012