A Level Maths Teachers Workshop

Published: Monday 23 November 2015
Maths Workshop
A-Level maths is a key qualification for economics students

On the 12th November, the Department of Economics and Finance hosted its first workshop for teachers of maths A-level to show how maths is applied to topics in Economics and Finance.

Knowing that the majority of Brunel economics undergraduates study maths A-Level as opposed to economics A-level, the aim of the half-day workshop was to help teachers inform their students about how the application of maths and mathematical techniques is evolving, especially when used to study economics.

More importantly, the workshop also showed how the application of maths is used in solving real world problems, such as a guide to public policy and in financial decisions, which are all crucial when students are looking for graduate employment.

The workshop, delivered by Dr Fabio Spagnolo, Dr John Hunter, Dr Russ Moro and Dr Faek Menla Ali, also provided alternative examples to applied mathematics problems that teachers could use in their classes.

Topics covered included:-

· Bloomberg and the Financial Data Suite

· Expected Return, Risk and Portfolio Theory

· Difference Equations - The Debt Crisis

· Time Series Statistics for Economic and Financial data – Random Walks, Efficient Markets and Asset Prices

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