Investment Games for Economics and Finance students

Published: Monday 22 February 2016

In co-operation with the Brunel Investment and Trading Society (BITS) and the Brunel Economics and Finance Society (BEFS) student societies, the Department of Economics and Finance’s Student Experience programme recently held two Investment Games sessions for undergraduate students – the very first time such an activity has been offered at Brunel.

Investment Games is a virtual investment game that allows students to experience investment decisions and portfolio risk management. As part of the game, participants work in teams using virtual money to invest in a number of companies or sectors, or assets whose values will change over time in response to market conditions and in different economic scenarios.
The game runs for several rounds and requires participants to carry out some asset pricing techniques as well as to evaluate potential risk exposure. Investment Games was run in sessions but the Department of Economics and Finance to help students to better understand a trader’s job, how to work in a teams as well as a practical insight into how to manage an investment portfolio. The Investment Games sessions were well received by the students with over 40 participants.



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