Doctoral Programme in Economics and Finance

Brunel University invites qualified candidates to apply to the Doctoral Programme. We are looking for creative people with a passion for research and commitment to become an outstanding scholar within their field. Working alongside internationally-renowned academics you will conduct research that will make a significant impact on both academia and practice.


Research at the Department of Economics and Finance

Our disciplines regularly score well in research assessment exercises and all provide excellent examples of social and economic impact – producing research that advances scholarly endeavour, with clear and tangible benefits for wider society. Our research is also responsible for much of our collaborative work with business, industry and the public sector, and demonstrates our commitment to producing professionally-minded graduates that employers want to recruit.

We are particularly proud of our PhD student community, which includes a strong international student contingent drawn from many countries. The Department currently has a growing research student community that is attracted by the excellence of our research staff. There is a strong culture of participation in the Department’s research activities and seminar programmes. All students are encouraged to be actively involved in the University’s Research Centres and you have the opportunity to make a real contribution to the Brunel community and to wider society.


Doctoral Programme Overview

Students are admitted to an environment which provides support for doing and learning about research and where excellent research is occurring. Examples of recognition of this include the University holding a European Commission HR Excellence in Research award for its commitment to supporting researchers, and the Athena SWAN Bronze Award for its efforts to promote the equal representation of women in science-related subjects:

Details on the research degree offered are given at


Research Training

During the first year of the doctoral programme students will be asked to attend modules and masterclasses in quantitative research methods and subject-specific theory. These are complemented with courses in general research methods.



Career Development

Graduate Teaching Assistant Training

Each year the Department aims to make available a certain amount of undergraduate teaching to enable research students to gain teaching experience in higher education. Appropriate remuneration is made except for students in receipt of a bursary where the conditions include the requirement to teach. This teaching will normally take the form of assisting full-time staff by leading seminars or workshops on Level 1 or Level 2 undergraduate modules.

All students undertaking teaching and learning duties are offered training programme during the first period under contract.


Research impact 

Doctoral students are expected to actively participate to the Department research and give presentations of their work during the Department weekly seminars. This provide with the opportunity of getting early feedback in a friendly and supportive environment. During their last year Doctoral students are also encouraged to participate and deliver external talk in major conferences. The Department has funding available to help cover expenses associated with presenting at conferences.


Graduate destinations

Our Doctoral graduates are now working for a wide range of organisations and institutionsall over the World, including, among others (Brunel Alumni Office):

The University of Hull, The University of Glasgow, The Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (Chengdu, China), The Institute of Public Administration (Riyadh , Saudi Arabia), The European Central Bank (Germany), The University of Surrey, Lagos State University (Nigeria), Heidelberg University (Germany), Jinan University (China).


Student experiences


Dr. Dave Seerattan

Dr Dave Seerattan 

Current Position:
Lecturer, International Money and Finance, Institute of International Relations and Head, Caribbean Centre for Money and Finance, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

Years at Brunel: 5

"I had done undergraduate and graduate degrees in Economics and I have always been interested in economic issues. My topic at Brunel was 'Central Bank Intervention in the Foreign Exchange Market'.

The above topic and my experience at Brunel helped to increase my understanding of the underlying dynamics of financial markets and the best way to craft policy interventions in these markets. It has helped my career […].

I enjoyed the open spaces at Brunel, as well as the friendly staff at all levels of the organisation but particularly at the Department of Economic and Finance. I must of course mention my supervisor […] who helped me in many different ways while at Brunel.

My advice to prospective PhD students is to embrace the experience and try to participate as much as possible in the extracurricular activities for graduate students."


Mr. Abdulkader Nahhas


Current Position: Final Year PhD Student

"I first came to Brunel University to do my MSc in the Department of Economics and Finance. Attending the master courses and engaging during classes with the academic staff encouraged me to apply for a Ph.D. My thesis in the Department following on from my master training focused on international banking and finance.

In addition to supporting my own research, Brunel University provides a lot of useful courses and training workshops to prepare students to enter academic life […]. For instance, I attended the Graduate Learning & Teaching Programme (GLTP) workshop organized by the University […]. Following completion of the GLTP, I was encouraged and supported by the University to qualify as an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA). In addition to doing labs and classes for the Department, this qualification significantly enhanced my teaching opportunities. I am now lecturing a course on Financial Markets within the Department.

Attending training courses, which were run by the Department, and by attending weekly research seminars organized within the Department, I am having the opportunity to meet other researchers also from outside of the University and discuss with them my research […]. This also helped me understand how to present at international conferences. Additionally, Brunel University encourages PhD research by offering open competition awards. Thanks to the encouragement and support of the Department, I was delighted to obtain the Vice-Chancellor’s Research Prize for my research.

[…] I have been also selected to become a Member of the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences Research Ethics Committee. This has given me the opportunity to represent the University at workshops around the UK."


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Student experience events


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