• 03-27: Kul B. Luintel and Mosahid Khan: The Dynamics of International R & D Spillovers
  • 03-26: John Bennett, Elisabetta Iossa and Gabriella Legrenzi: Commercial Activity as Insurance: The Investment Commercial Activity as Insurance:  The Inve stment Behaviour of Non-Profit Firms
  • 03-25: Christos Ioannidis and Oreste Napolitano: Optimal Monetary Policy and the Asset Market: A Non-cooperative Game
  • 03-24: John Bennett, Saul Estrin, James Maw and Giovanni Urga: Privatisation Methods and Economic Growth in Transition Economies
  • 03-23: Bryan Mase: A Change of Focus: Stock Market Classification in the UK
  • 03-22: Alexandros Kontonikas and Alberto Montagnoli: Optimal Monetary Policy and Asset Price Misalignments
  • 03-21: E. Philip Davis: Is there Pensions Crisis in the UK?
  • 03-20: E. Philip Davis: Towards a Typology For Systemic Financial Instability
  • 03-19: Alexandros Kontonikas and Christos Ioannidis: Should Monetary Policy Respond to Asset Price Misalignments ?
  • 03-18: Kyriacos Kyriacou: The Impact of Risk on the Decision to Exercise an ESO
  • 03-17: Kyriacos Kyriacou and Bryan Mase: The Information Contained in The Exercise of Executive Stock Options
  • 03-16: John Hunter and Natalia Isachenkova : Aggregate Economy Risk and Company Failure: An Examination of UK Quoted Firms in the Early 1990s
  • 03-15: Fabio Spagnolo, Zacharias Psaradakis and Martin Sola: Testing the Unbiased Forward Exchange Rate Hypothesis Using a Markov Switching Model and Instrumental Variables
  • 03-14: Marzia Raybaudi, Martin Sola, and Fabio Spagnolo: Red Signals: Trade Deficits and the Current Account
  • 03-13: Michael Monoyios: Performance of utility-based strategies for hedging basis risk
  • 03-12: Michael G. Arghyrou, Virginie Boinet and Christopher Martin: Non-linear and non-symmetric exchange-rate adjustment: new evidence from medium and high inflation countries
  • 03-11: Steve Lawford: A Hypergeometric Test for Omitted Nonlinearity
  • 03-10: John Hunter and Natalia Isachenkova: A Panel Analysis of UK Industrial Company Failure
  • 03-09: John Hunter and Natalia Isachenkova: Aggregate Economy Risk and Company Failure: an Examination of UK Quoted Firms in the Early 1990s
  • 03-08: T. Panagiotidis: Market efficiency and the Euro: the case of the Athens Stock Exchange
  • 03-07: E. Philip Davis and Christine Li: Demographics and Financial Asset Prices in the Major Industrial Economies
  • 03-06: T. Panagiotidis, G. Pelloni and W. POLASEK: Macroeconomic Effects of Reallocation Shocks: A Generalised Impulse Response Function Analysis for Three European Countries
  • 03-05: Joseph P. Byrne And E. PHILIP DAVIS: Panel Estimation of the Impact of Exchange Rate Uncertainty on Investment in the Major Industrial Countries
  • 03-04: Jakob B. Madsen and E. Philip Davis: Equity Prices, Productivity Growth and the "New Economy"
  • 03-03: M. Arghyrou, C. Martin and C. Milas: Non Linear Inflationary Dynamics: Evidence from the UK
  • 03-02: A. Gregoriou and C. Ioannidis: Liquidity Effects due to Information Costs from Changes
  • 03-01: A. Gregoriou and C. Ioannidis: GMM and Present Value Test of the C-CAPM under Transactions Costs: Evidence from the UK Stock Market


  • 02-31: George Bratsiotis and Christopher Martin: Monetary Policy Rules, Real Rigidity and Endogenous Persistence
  • 02-29: Ana Maria Iregui, Costas Milas, Jesus Otero: On the dynamics of Lending and Deposit Interest Rates in Emerging Markets: a Non-linear Approach
  • 02-28: Alexandros Kontonikas: Inflation and Inflation Uncertainty in the United Kingdom: Evidence from GARCH Modelling
  • 02-27: George Bratsiotis and Christopher Martin: Monetary Policy Rules and the Persistence of Inflation and Output
  • 02-26: Virginie Boinet, Oreste Napolitano and Nicola Spagnolo: Are Currency Crises Self-Fulfilling? The Case of Argentina
  • 02-25: Bryan Mase: The Impact of Changes in the FTSE 100 Index
  • 02-24: Michael Arghyrou and Kul Luintel:  Government Solvency: Revisiting Some EMU Countries
  • 02-23: Yasmeen Khwaja:  Informal credit markets, interlinkage and migration
  • 02-22: Michael Monoyios:  Efficient option pricing with transaction costs.
  • 02-21: Kul Luintel and Mosahid Khan:  Are International R&D Spillovers Costly for the US?
  • 02-20: Oreste Napolitano, Alberto Montagnoli and Rosaria Canale: The Role and Nature of Market Sentiment in the 1992 ERM crisis.
  • 02-19: Guy Liu and Sandy Pei Sun: The Class of Shareholdings and its Impacts on Corporate Performance: a Case of State Shareholding Composition in Chinese Publicly Listed Companies.
  • 02-18: Guy Liu, Xiaming Liu and Yingqi Wei: Openness and Efficiency of India and China Relative to the World Economy: a Comparative Study.
  • 02-17: Elisabetta Iossa and Giuliana Palumbo: Decision Rules and Information Provision: Monitoring Versus Manipulation
  • 02-16: Andrew Clark, Yannis Georgellis, Richard Lucas and Ed Diener: Unemployment Alters the Set-point for Life Satisfaction
  • 02-15: Adnetts, Bougheas and Yannis Georgellis: On the Trade-off Between Work Related Training and Labour Mobility: the Role of Firing and Exit Costs
  • 02-14: Oreste Napolitano: The Euro Exchange Rate Market Efficiency and the Risk Premium: an Empirical Analysis with an ECM Model
  • 02-13: Jane Davison: Communication and Antithesis in Corporate Annual Reports: a Research Note
  • 02-12: George Bratsiotis, Jakob Madsen and Chris Martin: Inflation Targeting and Inflation Persistence
  • 02-11: Alexandros Kontonikas and Alberto Montagnoli: Has Monetary Policy Reacted to Asset Price Movements? Evidence from the UK
  • 02-10: Yasmeen Khwaja: Should I stay or should I go? Migration Under Uncertainty: a Real Options Approach
  • 02-09: John Bennett and James Maw: Privatisation, Partial State Ownership and Competition
  • 02-08: John Bennett And Elisabetta Iossa: Building and Managing Facilities for Public Services
  • 02-07: Virginie Boinet: Partial Delegation in a Model of Currency Crisis
  • 02-06: Michael G. Arghyrou and Evelyn Bazina: Competitiveness and the External Trade Performance of Greece in the 1990s: a Cross-Sectoral Investigation.
  • 02-05: Ilias Lekkos and Costas Milas: Common Risk Factors in the US and UK Interest Swap Markets-Evidence from a Non-Linear Vector Auto-Regression Approach
  • 02-04: Martin Sola, Fabio Spagnolo and Nicola Spagnolo: A Test for Volatility Spillovers
  • 02-03: Gabriella Legrenzi and Costas Milas: Asymmetric and Non-Linear Adjustment in the Revenue Expenditure Models
  • 02-02: Virginie Boinet: How to Avoid Self-fulfilling Crises
  • 02-01: John Bennett and Phillip Lawler: Public Infrastructure, Congestion, and Fiscal Policy


  • 01-13: Oreste Napolitano and Alberto Montagnoli: Inflation Persistance and Credibility in Turkey During the Nineties
  • 01-12: E. Philip Davis and Jakob Madsen: Productivity and Equity Returns: A Century of Evidence for 9 OECD Countries
  • 01-11: Ilias Lekkos And Costas Milas: The Predictability of Excess Returns on UK Bonds: a Non-Linear Approach
  • 01-10: Paul Ashworth and E. Philip Davis: Some Evidence on Financial Factors in the Determination of Aggregate Business Investment
  • 01-09: Joseph P. Byrne and E. Philip Davis: Disaggregate Wealth and Aggregate Consumption: An Investigation of Empirical Relationships for the G7
  • 01-08: K.B. Luintel and K. Paudyal: Stock Returns and Inflation: Some New Evidence
  • 01-07: C. Milas: A Non-Linear Multivariate Model of the U.K, Real Exchange Rate
  • 01-06: R.R. Canale and O. Napolitano: Efficiency and News in Exchange Rate Market. The Euro/Dollar Case
  • 01-05: M. Monoyios: Finite Horizon Portfolio Selection
  • 01-04: C. Ioannidis and M. Monoyios: Long-Range Dependence in Daily Interest Rate
  • 01-03: M. Monoyios: Option Pricing with Transaction Costs Using a Markov Chain Approximation
  • 01-02: E. IOSSA and P. Legros: Third Party Monitoring and Golden Parachutes
  • 01-0: J. HUNTER and M. SIMPSON: A Panel Test of Purchasing Power Parity Under the Null of Stationarity


  • 00-19  E. PHILIP DAVIS: Institutional Investors and Corporate Governance
Abstract , Acrobat
  • 00-18  MARTINCAVE and ROBERT W. CRANDALL: Sports rights and the broadcast industry
Abstract, Acrobat
  • 00-17  E.PHILIP  DAVIS:  Multiple Avenues of Intermediation, Corporate and Financial Stability
Abstract , Acrobat
  • 00-16  E . PHILIP DAVIS: Portfolio Regulation of Life Insurance Companies and Pension Funds
Abstract , Acrobat
  • 00-15  A. SERGUIEVA, J.HUNTER: Investment Risk Appraisal
Abstract , Acrobat
  • 00-14  A.CONSTANTINA PH. CONSTANTINOU, WILLIAM P. FORBES & LEN SKERRATT: Analyst  Underreaction to Past Information About Earnings:Reporting, Processing or Plain Old Misspecification Bias?
Abstract , Acrobat
  • 00-13  GAIA GARINO and LUCIO SARNO: Rational Bubbles in the  UK House Prices
  • 00-12  JOHN BENETT and MANFREDI M.A. LA MANNA: Reversing the Keynesian Asymmetry
Abstract, Acrobat
  • 00-11  E PHILIP DAVIS and KLAUS TUORI: The changing structure of banks' income - An Empirical Investigation
Abstract, Acrobat
  • 00-10  ELISABETTA IOSSA and GIULIANA PALUMBO:  Lender Liability in the Consumer Credit Market
Abstract , Acrobat
  • 00-09  ELISABETTA IOSSA and GIANNI DE FRAJA: Competition  Among Universities and the Emergence of the Elite Institution
Abstract , Acrobat
  • 00-08  JOHN BENETT, SAUL ESTRIN, JAMES MAW: Mass Privatization and  PartialState Ownership of Firms in Transition Economies
  • 00-07 JOHN HUNTER and CHRISTOS IOANNIDIS: Identification and  Identifiability of non-linear IV/GMM Estimators
Abstract , Acrobat
  • 00-06  JOHN HUNTER and STELIOS KOMIS: Acquisition Activity in the United Kingdom: Parametric and Semi-Parametric Estimation
  • 00-05 M. G. ARGHYROU: Public Expenditure and National Income
Abstract , Acrobat
  • 00-04 J. HASKEL, C MARTIN: Technology, Wages and Skill Shortages: Evidence from  UK Micro Data
Abstract , Acrobat
  • 00-03 C. MARTIN:  Testing Myopia in Economic Models
Abstract , Acrobat
  • 00-02 M. G. ARGHYROU: Exchange Rate Pegging: Credibility and Fundamentals. Evidence from  Greece 
Abstract , Acrobat
  • 00-01 J. HUNTER and N.  ISACHENKOVA: Failure Risk: A Comparative Study of  UK and Russian Firms
Abstract , Acrobat

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