Brunel Able Children's Education (BACE) Centre

Brunel Able Children's Education (BACE) Centre

Nurturing and Developing Talents

The Brunel Able Children’s Education (BACE) Centre was launched in 1997 as the first University based research centre in the UK focusing on talent development of children aged 4-16 years. The Centre undertakes high quality research and provides evidence-based strategies for both policies and practitioners. Working with a community of international experts in talent development, and working with a large network of Local Education Authorities we provide research-based practical strategies and systems for nurturing talent by enhancing the quality of learning and teaching.

Under the leadership of a core team of experts - Professor Valsa Koshy (Director of the Centre), Ron Casey (Senior Research Fellow) and Carole Portman Smith (Director of the Centre’s flagship Urban Scholars programme) the centre’s work is based on a broadened conception of talents and gifts (rather than on labelling children) and focuses on the uniqueness of a child’s special strengths and interests. The Centre's work aims to empower teachers with strategies for effective curriculum provision so that they can provide enriching and enjoyable learning experiences to all pupils. A significant part of the Centre’s research focuses on the recognition of and the fulfilment of talent of special groups of pupils, such as students with high potential in inner-city areas and very young children.

Designing effective models for curriculum adaptations and educational interventions, using Action Research and Design Research methodologies to make research accessible to practitioners, make up a significant part of the Centre’s work.

The research team has obtained over £1.5 million research and development grants in the period since 2001 from the government Charities and Local Authorities.

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