Student Profiles

Elleisha Chahal-Ferguson

I would like to work closely with special educational needs students

Jonathan James

The course provided me with an opportunity to meet other NQTs and I thoroughly enjoyed participating in interesting debates with them

— Jonathan James

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Beth Curtis

Teaching standards are high and all of the course lectures are vastly experienced

Dina Khilnani

After four years of teaching I became Head of Department

Rebecca Shevlin

I am currently working on lesson planning for a literacy topic on play scripts

Kam Bansal

The lectures at Brunel are very informative and stimulating

Jessica Stokes

The course features a huge range of topics and there’s a good mixture of practical work and academic studying

— Jessica Stokes
Education BA
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Chantal Ettling

The course content is exciting and current, and the teaching of a very high calibre

— Chantal Ettling
Education MA
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Zoë Forsythe

The course has enabled me to develop my knowledge and skills in both academic and reflective practice which are vital for any teacher

— Zoë Forsythe
Education BA
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Jiali Tang

I like everything at Brunel - the staff, classmates, the buildings, even the little ducks in the pond

— Jiali Tang
Education MA
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