Brunel students to master the art of public speaking and obtain leadership skills

Published: Tuesday 17 November 2015

In October CBASS kickstarted the 2015-16 Public Speaking & Leadership course. After a successful trial in 2014-15, which saw students interact with a variety of professionals and academic experts, take part in debating competitions and act as members of a fictional jury among other things (with approximately 30 students qualifying for the Public Speaking certificate in the end), the course has now been expanded to include the teaching of leadership skills and other experiential learning activities.

The course brings together a very wide range of expertise, including from barristerseducational experts, a stand-up comedian, a Headmaster, a professional development expert from the UK Cabinet Office as well as academic experts from BusinessEconomicsLaw and Theatre.

The first part of the programme was delivered by BEEC's John Francis, who introduced students to the techniques adopted by inspirational speakers such as Obama and Martin Luther King Jr, and who taught them practical skills designed to increase their confidence when speaking publicly. 

The course is also supported by the Professional Development Centre, which will offer students the opportunity to attend small group presentation skills workshops taken by a leading educational expert (these sessions will also be open to students in other parts of the University).

Demand for the course has been exceptionally high with more than 200 students registering in the first few days. 

The course reflects CBASS's strategy to enhance the professional and personal development of its students, and to create a College-wide student experience; participants from the 2014-15 programme stressed that one of the most enjoyable aspects of the course is the opportunity to work with fellow students and experts from other disciplines and experience new teaching methods and learning practices.

The initiative is coordinated by Dr Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos, Associate Dean in CBASS. 

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