History & Ethnography in Educational Research: Treading the Narrative Path

Starts: Wednesday 15 February 2012 1:00 pm
Ends: Wednesday 15 February 2012 2:00 pm
Event type Seminar
Location Heinz Wolff Building HW273

Professor Maria Tamboukou, University of East London


What is our present today? How have we become what we are and what are the possibilities of ‘becoming other’? This question has triggered and underpinned my on-going research on writing feminist genealogies as ‘histories of the present’.  In doing, this my work has unfolded as an interface of historical and ethnographic inquiries. In this paper, I look back in this body of work, tracing encounters between history and ethnography while framing them within the broader field of narrative research in education.

Biographical statement

Maria Tamboukou is Professor of Feminist Studies and Co-director of the Centre of Narrative Research, at the University of East London. Her research interests and publications are in auto/biographical narratives, feminist theories, foucauldian and deleuzian analytics, gender and space and the sociology of gender and education.

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