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Published: Friday 1 April 2011
Upwardly Mobile Book by Brooks
Upwardly Mobile Book by Brooks

This week sees the release of an exciting textbook on the growing trend towards internationalisation in higher education: Student Mobilities, Migration and the Internationalization of Higher Education. The new text, co-authored by Professor Rachel Brooks of the School of Sport and Education, is a timely addition to the literature, as the credit crunch is forcing educational institutions to rethink their self-presentation and adopt a more entrepreneurial approach.

The work has been written in partnership with Johanna Waters, Senior Lecturer in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham. It has a strong empirical focus, drawing on case studies of mobile students from East Asia, mainland Europe and the UK. The aim is to further understanding of both the commonalities and differences in the experiences of students from different parts of the world who choose to move abroad to pursue a higher education.

The fierce debate on student fees comes under the spotlight as such financial issues strongly influence student migration; for example, the authors’ work has highlighted the attractiveness to UK students of countries such as Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, which charge low tuition fees or no fees at all. The book also has considerable resonance for Brunelians as global citizenship is enshrined within the University’s Strategic Plan as one of the points of focus.

Professor Brooks, who has taught at the Universities of Southampton and Surrey in addition to Brunel and the Open University, began her career as a researcher at the National Foundation for Educational Research. Her principal research interests include young people’s experiences of higher education, and lifelong learning, and the relationship between citizenship education and political participation. She is also leader of the Education, Identities and Social Inclusion research group. The release of Student Mobilities is especially topical as recent legislative changes in the UK have created a less favourable climate for international students.

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