Varun Uberoi

Politics and History

Room: Marie Jahoda Room 231
Brunel University
Uxbridge, UB8 3PH
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1895 265858



  • BA Hons Politics and History (Manchester)
  • D.Phil (Oxford)

Personal Biography

I did my first degree in politics and history at the University of Manchester, after which I joined the civil service and I later went onto to do a doctorate at the University of Oxford. After completing my doctorate in 2007, I became a research fellow in the University of Bristol's Centre for Ethnicity & Citizenship. In 2008 I returned to Oxford as a Post Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Politics and International Relations and in 2010 I was made a lecturer in Brunel’s Department of Politics and History.


Research Overview

I combine normative political theory and political science to examine the theory and practice of fostering unity amongst the culturally diversity citizens of modern polities. My theoretical work examines what unity amongst the citizens of a polity is, how it differs from similar ideas like loyalty and belonging, why such unity is important and how it can be fostered ethically. My empirical work utilises archival and elite interview data to examine how the governments of two parliamentary democracies, Britain and Canada, have attempted to foster such unity as well as the role that Muslims often play in contemporary debates about unity.

I welcome applications to supervise PhD students who want to work on the normative political theory and public policy of multiculturalism, national identity, secularism, race and ethnicity.


Current Projects

Economic and Social Research Council
Inclusive Britishness-A Multiculturalist Advance RES-622-26-669
June – Dec 2012
Varun Uberoi (PI)

Social Science and Humanities Research Council
Cultural and Religious Diversity in Four Contexts: A Comparative Study of Identity and the Regulation of The Religious
Sept 2012 - 2017
Varun Uberoi (CI)

International Council of Canadian Studies Faculty Research Programme
Multicultural Nation-Building
May 2012 - May 2013
Varun Uberoi (PI)

British Academy
Nation-Building Through Multiculturalism
Sept 2011 - Sept 2012
Varun Uberoi (PI)


Recently Completed Projects

ESRC Post Doctoral Fellowship
The Theory and Practice of Fostering Unity Amongst Culturally Diverse Citizens
Sept 2009 - April 2011
Varun Uberoi(PI)


PhD Supervision

Dana Humaid: Consultation practices in the UAE; Jan 2012 -

Elisabetta Mecca: Multi-level governance and environmental policy: the role of transnational municipal tetworks in the definition of local policy-making; Jan 2012 -  


Undergraduate Programmes

Module convenor

  • Modern British Politics
  • The Theory and Practice of Cultural Diversity

Postgraduate Programmes

Module convenor

  • Public Policy and the Challenges of Diversity


UCAS Days Co-ordinator (Politics)

External Activity

  • Member of Political Studies Association
  • Member of the Runneymede Trust’s Academic Forum
  • Co-Editor of Palgrave Macmillan’s Politics of Identity and Citizenship Series
  • Reviewer for Political Studies, European Journal of Political Theory, Respublica, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, Ethnic & Racial Studies, Ethnicities and the British Journal of Canadian Studies



Journal Papers

(2013) Uberoi, V. and Modood, T., Has multiculturalism in Britain retreated?, Soundings 53 (3) : 129- 142

(2013) Uberoi, V. and Modood, T., Inclusive Britishness: A Multiculturalist Advance, Political Studies 61 (1) : 23- 41

(2011) Uberoi, V., Does Cameron have multiculturalist ambitions? (Newspaper article), The Independent

(2010) Uberoi, V. and Modood, T., Who doesn’t feel British? Divisions over Muslims, Parliamentary Affairs 63 (2) : 302- 320

(2009) Uberoi, V., Multiculturalism and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Political Studies 57 (4) : 805- 827

(2008) Uberoi, V., Do policies of multiculturalism change national identities?, Political Quarterly 79 (3) : 404- 417

(2007) Uberoi, V. and McLean, I., Britishness- a role for the state?, Political Quarterly 78 (Supplement 1) : 41- 53

(2007) Uberoi, V., Social unity in Britain, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 33 (1) : 141- 157

(2004) Uberoi, V., Making multiculturalism and nationhood compatible, National Identity and Diversity: Canadian Diversity 3 (2) : 88- 90

Book Chapters

(2012) Uberoi, V. and McGhee, D., British social integration. In: Frideres, J. and Spoonley, P. eds. Social Integration in Global Perspective. McGill Press (Accepted for publication)

(2012) Uberoi, V., Multicultural citizenship. In: Banks, J. ed. Encyclopaedia of Diversity in Education. Sage (Accepted for publication)

(2011) Uberoi, V., Meer, N., Modood, T. and Dwyer, C., Feeling and being Muslim and British. In: Modood, T. and Salt, J. eds. Global Migration, Ethnicity and Britishness. Palgrave Macmillan 205- 224

(2010) Coutts, A. and Uberoi, V., Introduction. In: Uberoi, V., Coutts, A., McLean, I. and Halpern, D. eds. Options for Britain II: Cross Cutting Policy Issues - Changes and Challenges. Wiley-Blackwell 1- 6

(2010) Uberoi, V., Meer, N. and Modood, T., Should the number of ethnic minority MPs be increased? Evidence to Select Commitee. In: Should the number of Ethnic Minority MPs Be Increased?’, evidence to the House of Common’s Speaker’s committee on under representation of minorities.. House of Commons

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(2010) Uberoi, V., Coutts, A., McLean, I. and Halpern, D., Options for Britain II: Cross cutting policy issues - changes and challenges. Wiley-Blackwell

(2009) Uberoi, V., Coutts, A., McLean, I. and Halpern, D., Options for a new Britain. Palgrave MacMillan

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