Will the modules I take abroad count towards my degree?


For an Erasmus exchange, you will gain European Community Course Credit Transfer System credits, which will allow you to transfer your credit gained abroad to your studies at Brunel University (120 Brunel credits = 60 ECTS).

For a non-Erasmus exchange, you will take the equivalent of 120 Brunel University credits, which will be transferred to your studies once you are back.

The modules you take during your time abroad will form an integral part of your degree. This is why it is important for you to know what modules you need to identify and take while abroad. In some cases the department will ask you to take certain modules, but you will still have the opportunity to select other options. As at Brunel University, you should familiarise yourself with the assessment criteria for each module and ensure that you submit all coursework and sit any exams you are required to.  

Page last updated: Thursday 16 October 2014