First successful term of new MA in Military History

Published: Thursday 17 December 2015
USCG Thetis during World War II
Source: Florida Keys -- Public Libraries CC-BY

The department’s new MA in Military History has turned out a resounding success. Currently running for its first year, the MA covers war since the French Revolution, naval warfare and ancient warfare. Students can choose from a range of optional modules including intelligence history, war in modern African history, or the Second World War.

Jagveer Johal, one of the first students to enrol in the course, commented on an inspiring first term: ‘Quite a lot of it is the development of strategic political thought behind warfare, as well as its connection to technological and social change. Critically, the thing I take out of it most is that war does not occur in a vacuum but is an expression of various aspects of society combined together.’

‘Brunel is the perfect place to study military history’ explained the Head of Politics and History and convenor of the course, Professor Matthew Seligmann. ‘We have considerable expertise in key areas like the world wars, intelligence and espionage, warfare in the Middle East, conflict and insurgency in Africa, armaments races and naval operations. In addition we are very close the National Archives, the main depository of primary source documents on military history in the country.’

Jagveer and his fellow students are looking forward to an exciting spring term.

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