Research expertise

Experts who are highly sought-after by the media and policy makers

We have talented experts in their field who are engaged in a wide range of influential research activity which is sought-after by policy makers and is regularly covered by the media.

Professor Justin Fisher, Head of the Department of Politics, History and the Brunel Law School

  • Appears regularly on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky TV, Radio 4 and Radio 5 discussing political parties and British elections
  • Acted as an Advisor to the Parliamentary Committee on Standards in Public Life
  • Director of The Electoral Commission’s project on Attitudes of Agents on the Administration of the 2010 General Election

Dr Alison Carrol, lecturer in European History

  • Featured on Europe Today (BBC World Service) and Making History (BBC Radio 4).

Professor Philip Davies and Dr Kristian Gustafson, experts in Intelligence and Security Studies

  • Played a major role in the development of Britain’s current joint military intelligence doctrine

Dr Kristian Gustafson, senior lecturer in Intelligence and Security Studies

  • Featured on BBC Radio 4 and on Sky News to speak about the death of Osama Bin Laden
  • Appeared on BBC4 covering the story of the CIA

Professor Matthew Hughes, head of the Politics and History section

  • Appeared on USA Public Broadcasting to talk about Edwardian Britain for a programme to accompany the series Downton Abbey

Dr John Macmillan, senior lecturer in International Relations

  • Spoke to the All Party Group on Disarmament and Global Security at the House of Lords on the subject of military intervention

Dr Tamson Pietsch, lecturer in Imperial and Colonial History

  • Writes regularly for The Guardian’s Higher Education Network pages

Dr Varun Uberoi, lecturer in political science

  • Written for The Independent newspaper on questions of multi-culturalism
  • Liaised with the Canadian Federal Government’s Citizenship and Immigration Canada project about the backlash against multi-culturalism in Europe and presented his report on multi-culturalism to the No.10 Policy Unit

Page last updated: Thursday 23 October 2014