Brunel Law School Grants

External Funding

  • A team consisting of Tony Cole, Ilias Bantekas, Federico Ferretti and Christine Riefa was awarded €278,191 by the European Parliament to undertake a one year study on the law and practice of arbitration in the European Union and Switzerland, to be concluded in December 2014.
  • Eurasia-Net
  • Dr Maurizio Borghi was awarded funding for Brunel Law School as a partner in SEARCH (Sharing KnowledgE Assets: InteRregionally Cohesive NeigHborhoods), a three-year project funded by the European Commission FP7 Programme. The project, which is coordinated by the University of Barcelona and counts 18 partner institutions from 17 countries, will address economic, institutional and legal issues in the transfer of knowledge between EU Member States and neighbouring countries.
  • Dr Mihail Danov, in a consortium with Prof. Dr Becker (Kiel University, Germany), was awarded over €196,000 by the European Commission Civil Justice Programme. The research project, which started on 1 September and will last for 2 years, aims to consider whether the European Union should use the current EU private international law framework with regard to cross-border EU competition law claims brought by private parties, or rather whether the EU legislator should set up a Special Regulation dealing with EU competition law proceedings arising in the European context.

BRIEF (Brunel Research and Innovation Fund) awards

This University fund supports new academics within three years of their arrival at Brunel. Recent recipients of BRIEF awards in the Law School:

  • Maurizio Borghi ‘Data protection compliance in the online environment’ (2010/11)

University Research Seminar Series Awards

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