Economics & Finance


This broad-based course aims to produce economists with a range of technical expertise including quantitative and computing skills. Particular emphasis is placed on the application of theoretical principles in the working environment.

    Economics and Accounting

    The purpose of the course is to provide students with a strong intellectual and practical grounding in both economics and accounting. It seeks to equip graduates with the core theoretical and practical skills necessary to understand and analyse economic and accounting issues that arise in the business world. It aims to prepare graduates for a variety of potential careers after graduation, including management consultancy, accountancy and banking.

      Economics and Business Finance

      The purpose of this course is to provide you with a strong intellectual and practical grounding in economic and financial decision-making in industry and the City in order to equip you for future careers such as financial management, corporate finance and accountancy.

        Economics and Management

        This course aims to produce high quality graduates with the analytical and practical skills necessary to understand and deal creatively with a range of economic, financial and management issues. It will appeal in particular to economists who would like a career in management.

          Finance and Accounting

          This degree aims to produce graduates who are both familiar with the principles of finance across a range of subjec areas, and wel prepared for careers in accountancy.

            Politics and Economics

            This programme allows you to examine how political and economic factors enter into public and private decision-making. The course also aims to impart a range of technical expertise, including quantitative and computing skills in economics, an understanding of micro- and macro-economic principles, and of advanced macroeconomics.

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