PhD Students

Name Research Interests
Ghalib Al-Abadi
Abdulai Conteh
Michael Dunning
Alexander Fleming
Danil Mikhailov
Lily Owens
Erminia Passannanti
Nancy Tamimi

My research analyses electronic cigarettes (EC) use in smoking cessation clinics in the UK as part of the new harm reduction strategy. It describes EC use by users and staff at different Stop Smoking Clinics. The dimensions that will be explored are:

  • First:  the treatment goals at the clinics (abstinence or reduction), (initiatives and negotiations.)
  • Second: the focus of treatment (addiction or the consequences of addiction) and Conceptualisation of EC (therapeutic or addiction).
  • Third: the experience of vaping and comparison with previous experiences (as similar or different to other treatments including Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT), vareniciline and bupropion.
I argue that the new move in the UK to incorporate harm reduction approach at the Smoking Cessation Clinics is a consequence of the success and expanding influence of biomedicine.
  • The use of Electronic Cigarettes as part of Harm Reduction Approach
  • Health and Social Policy
  • Health inequality
  • Smoking and periodontal diseases
John Watts

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