Engineering Facilities

Rapid prototyping machines, engine testing suites, fluids, structures and materials labs, civil engineering and geotechnical laboratories make up just part of the wide range of engineering facilities within the School.

Design Facilities

Metal Fabrication Laboratory, Metal Machine Shop, Model-making Workshop, Plastic Fabrication Lab, and Woodworking Workshop. For more information, please visit our Design Facilities page.

Electronics Facilities

Our electronics facilities comprise of several well equipped labs, and include full PCB production capabilities. For more information, please visit our Facilities page.

Computing Facilities

Over 300 computers are available to our students across a variety of well-equipped computer rooms within the School - many of which are available 24 hours a day. These are in addition to the central computing facilities of the University. For more information, please visit our Facilities page.

Multimedia Facilities

We have a number of multimedia laboratories, including a music technology suite, a video edit suite, a digital broadcasting laboratory, which are well equipped with cutting edge facilities, such as three large stewart screens (available for both 2D and 3D presentations), a Vicon motion capture suite, and a unique

system used in many various industries, including film, TV and animation. There are also computers devoted to unique multimedia programmes. Therefore, students can focus their interests and skills with programmes that require specialist knowledge. For more information, please visit our Facilities page.

Page last updated: Wednesday 10 October 2012