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Director of Postgraduate Studies

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Brunel University London
United Kingdom
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Anastasia Papazafeiropoulou is Senior Lecturer in Information Systems and Post-graduate Director in the Department of Computer Science.  She has studied computer science and information systems at the Athens University of Economics and Business (BSc and MSc) and has completed her doctoral research into the adoption of electronic commerce systems by Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) at Brunel University London. She then became Lecturer and later Senior Lecture at Brunel. Her research interests are related to the adoption and use of technology by individuals and organisations. She has study the adoption of technologies such as electronic commerce, broadband Internet, Enterprise Recourse Planning Systems (ERPs), Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs), IP-telephony and mobile TV, while recently her research involves the use of social media by organisations as well as their application in developing countries. She is also a mindfulness facilitator certified by the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) and has a particular interest in mindfulness practices and their influence in using technology more effectively.

Research and Teaching

Research Interests

My research interests are broadly concerned with the sociotechnical nature of the adoption and exploitation of Information and communication technologies (ICTs) in organizations and society. I have an international reputation for qualitative studies of Information systems adoption by Small Companies (SMEs) as well as individual users. Starting with early studies of electronic commerce, I have later extended this work into other innovative technologies such as broadband Internet, Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs), Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs), IP-telephony and mobile TV. My current research agenda focuses on analysing the IT adoption theories and their appropriateness to IT use by organizations and individuals by:

  • Examining users’ behaviour and reasons for adoption/participation in digitally engaged communities through social networking sites.
  • Investigating the effect of mindful practices on information overload as it manifest for individuals and organisations deriving from the adoption of multiple Information and Communication technologies (ICTs) such as the Internet, e-mail and social networking.

I have a genuine interest to promote my research to a wide audience outside the academic circle, so I have been interviewed by the BBC, Mail on Sunday and published an article at the conversation, an on-line newspaper on academic research.


I am Postgraduate Director and involved in post-graduate teaching and supervision with emphasis on business integration and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs). I am certified practitioner of SAP the largest software provider of ERP systems. I am:

Module leader for CS5552 ERP systems theory and practice

The module examines the rationale, theories and practices around Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) and develops the knowledge required to understand the forces driving ERP design and implementation. The module provides an introduction to the SAP R/3 environment and the practice of business process integration in that environment.

Module leader for CS5518 Business Integration

The module aims to develop a critical understanding of the issues of integrating people, process and technology systems both within and across organisational contexts. Example topics of study include: the dimensions of business integration, collaborative working and its issues, virtual organisations, electronic markets and commerce policy.

Research Supervision

Supervising of a number of postgraduate student projects/dissertations in the field of technology adoption by individuals and organisations. I have graduated 7 PhD students as first supervisor and supervising currently another 4 PhD students as follows:


1. Huinan Xu: Understanding web services adoption (graduated 2005)

2. Oluwasola Oni: Broadband adoption by SMEs (graduated 2008)

3. Enas Al-Lozi: Explaining users intentions to continue participation in web 2.0 communities: The case of facebook in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (graduated 2011)

4. Azael Serrano: An action research approach to develop a framework for the development of dot-com ventures for SMES (graduated 2012)

5. Inam Abousamber: Wi-Max adoption in Saudi Arabian SMEs (graduated 2012)

6. Ana Burman: Adoption of ICT services for supporting breast feeding networks (graduated 2013)

7. Mona Althonayan: ERP implementation in the higher education sector (register 2013)


8. Konstantina Spanaki: Integrating GRC and Enterprise Architecture into organisations (submitted 2014)

9. Omar Bajri: Adoption of Human Resource (HR) Management Systems in Saudi Arabian banks. (registered 2010)

10. Bashir Tenuche: On-line communities in social media enterprise pages

11. Bibian Ogbuji



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Book Chapters

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