Student Profiles

If you are motivated to work, Brunel can help you succeed

Bhavna Lakhenpaul

Business Computing has endless opportunities, the career prospects are amazing and there are so many places your degree can take you

— Bhavna Lakhenpaul
Business Computing BSc
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Millisen Zonese Malum

The SAP certification gives graduates an advantage in the employment marketplace

Rikesh Padhiar

Personally, I liked what Computer Science offered due to it being quite a broad subject that allowed me to explore many different areas

— Rikesh Padhiar
Computer Science BSc
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Khushali Depala

Lecturers at the Business School were always on hand to offer their help and support, especially in the final year when having to complete my dissertation

— Khushali Depala
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After graduating I was offered a position at LexisNexis where I have continued to develop the skills obtained at Brunel

I honestly love Brunel, and after I graduate, I wish to remain involved with the university in some way

Hamisu Abdullahi

As a self-funding student, I was extremely happy to receive this scholarship, as it has contributed towards my living costs and this means a lot

Christos Mallouchos

The course offers hands-on SAP experience in the labs

Mustafa Amin Syed

After graduation I joined Accenture and have been working here for over two years now

Ayush Newatia

This specific course appealed to me as I have always been interested in computers - I used to enjoy taking them apart as a kid!

Andi Minnarto

Brunel university has a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere with its diverse students

I would have struggled to secure this internship without the support of the Placement and Careers Centre

Tobi Wole-Fasanya

I built a solar tracking system which was connected to an energy monitor

— Tobi Wole-Fasanya
Computer Science BSc
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Dean Nahaul

Brunel University London has a good network of employers and a Professional Development Centre that supports students in looking for placements. I would encourage students to make the most of the Professional Development Centre while looking for work.

— Dean Nahaul
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Hamza Hameed

The process was very easy, Brunel didn’t just judge on the grades, they actually gave students a chance to express their passion and interest before making a decision

James Sutton

I have a passion for computer science and the Brunel course seemed just right. The facilities are first rate


I took a summer internship at Accenture as an Analyst, and have secured a job with them for when I graduate

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