Welcome to Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science is home to a vibrant and talented community of academics, researchers and students. Recognised for high quality teaching and research, we attract staff and students from all over the world. We are the largest research group of its type in the country. According to the 2014 Research Academic Exercise (REF), two thirds of all research carried out in the Department of Computer Science has been ranked as internationally excellent or better. In terms of research power (i.e. research quality x research quantity), the Department of Computer Science is ranked comfortably within the top third of all universities in the UK. This demonstrates our commitment as a Department, not only to engage in a significant amount of cutting edge research, but also that our research activity outputs are of the highest possible quality.

Undergraduate study

Our Undergraduate courses are designed to ensure that our students have the knowledge and skills that they'll need for their future careers. All students will follow a core programme of Business Computing or Computer Science, but they can then choose to specialise in areas such as business, digital media and games, software engineering.

Professional placements

Taking a placement year (also known as a 'sandwich' year) during your degree is a great way to enhance your degree, career and earning potential.

Our academically demanding master's courses are taught by subject specialists. With value-added course features such as SAP accreditation and the potential to complete a professional placement during the dissertation module, the courses ensure that our students are prepared for their future careers.

Study for a PhD

Come and study for a PhD with the largest research grouping of its type in the country. You will have automatic access to world-class supervision by our internationally recognised academics, alongside dedicated research facilities. 


The Department is an internationally recognised Centre of Excellence in software engineering, information systems, information science, intelligent data analysis, human-computer interaction and biological and healthcare informatics. Our network of public and private sector collaborators ensures that our research is timely, relevant and has a positive impact on society.

Research within the Department is organised into a range of Research Groups:

  • Burnel Software Engineering Lab
  • Digital Economy Research Group
  • Intelligent Data Analysis Research Group
  • Interactive Multimedia Systems Group

Academic members of the Department also carry out research within University Research Institutes:

  • Institute of Energy Futures
  • Institute of Environment, Health and Societies
  • Institute of Materials and Manufacturing

Business services

With a reputation for real-world problem-solving and pedigree in creating innovative solutions, we can deliver an exciting range of business services to help you drive down costs and increase revenue.

From learning and development workshops to help retain and retrain your staff during the economic downturn, to collaborating with you on R&D initiatives, to providing consultancy services, or advising on how to access our students for placements, our experts can offer innovative solutions to meet your business needs.

Department of Computer Science
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