Student Profiles

Rachel Scott-Thompson

I’ve been working at SMR Automotive for my placement

— Rachel Scott-Thompson
Product Design BSc
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Marlene Weber

After completing the MSc course in Integrated Product Design I started my PhD and became part of the Automotive Habitat Lab, a team of scientists exploring the Automotive Environment from a Human Centred Perspective. 

— Marlene Weber
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Gilliam Chan

The course is a combination of theory and practice

Yu-Hsuan Chang (Sharon)

This Branding course is great for designers who wish to expand their multidisciplinary skills

— Yu-Hsuan Chang (Sharon)
Design and Branding Strategy MA
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Madison Bencomo

I really enjoyed living in the halls on campus because you were right in the centre of everything!

— Madison Bencomo
Product Design BSc
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Ivan Tuen

The facilities at Brunel were excellent; the lecture rooms are modern and well equipped, the sports facilities wide ranging and the library was a good source to look for information

Sophie O’Kelly

For my industrial placement, I worked at the Walt Disney Company for 13 months as a Product Development Intern

— Sophie O’Kelly
Product Design BSc
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Daeun Shim

Brunel's location is safe and calm, so it is a good place to focus on your studies, while you can easily reach central London at the same time

Duncan Shotton

I was short-listed for the Design Week Rising Star Award, which prompted me to move to Japan and establish my own design studio

Robert Bye

Studying at another university let me see how similar subjects can be taught differently and helped me broaden my scope in my field of study more than ever before

I chose to study at Brunel because it offered the unique Digital Design course (formerly Multimedia Technology and Design) and its commitment to supporting graduate recruitment, through the Professional Development Centre,

— Alex Bennett
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Chloe Eunsung Kim

Group projects allowed me to understand the value of cross-disciplinary collaboration

Chong Chin Chuan

I enjoyed myself immensely in the global environment at the university

Gilang Daryaatmaka

Student accommodation in Brunel is good. It has got all the services and facilities we need as students

Cara Garraway

The draw of both a technical and creative design freedom began to open my mind to a world of lighting

— Cara Garraway
Product Design BSc
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Samuel Dill

I was initially attracted to Brunel due to the very ‘hands on’ nature of the course, whereas others appeared to be quite theory based

— Samuel Dill
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Sharanjit Kaur

I did a year-long placement at Bentley in Crewe

Ben Kirk

The course helped me develop the skills to pursue a career in branding

Angélica Lascar Posada

I really liked being close to London, and making the most of all the exciting things the city has to offer

— Angélica Lascar Posada
Design and Branding Strategy MA
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Nussara Intaraboonsom

I now lecture at Mae Fah Luang University in Thailand

— Nussara Intaraboonsom
Design and Branding Strategy MA
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Eun Jung Kim

I found the MA Design course had a well organised course structure, offering a good foundation


London is a microcosm of so many different cultures and interests, and there's always something new to experience

within the first month you can call Brunel a home away from home

— A. Prasant Singh Rao
Product Design Engineering BSc
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Emily Riggs

My final year project Kulinda was developed to reduce the risk of HIV transmission from other to child during breastfeeding

Richard Coomber

I was given full freedom to produce my own designs

Luke Bacon

The course has improved my abilities and given me greater confidence for the future

Debbie-Ann Estwick

After my course I was hired as Senior Brand and Innovation Strategist

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