Research Activities

Research activities in ECE cover a wide range of areas which have direct compliance with the industry vision and requirements, formed around two broad thematic areas namely, telecommunications, sustainable energy and systems. The Department has an extensive research portfolio totalling £7.5M worth of ongoing research grants and contracts. This is in addition to a large set of comprehensive high-quality teaching and learning resources coupled with strong research links with industry and an excellent record of employment amongst our graduates. Electronic and Computer Engineering at Brunel also benefits from geographical proximity to most of the country’s information engineering and telecommunications industry.

Research in ECE is undertaken in 5 well established research centres;

PhD student Basel Abu Jamous

“When I was offered to do this funded PhD degree at the School of Engineering and Design here at Brunel University I had a quick look at the profile of the School online and asked some people who know the school and know what the school was doing. It was clear from what I saw in that profile that there is a lot of enthusiasm, motivation and vision in the School. They are trying to see where the school is going to in the future. They are trying to take the school to being one of the highest and best schools in the UK. It is now one of the best schools in the Uk but they are always aiming high. One of the things is there is a wide range of projects that are dealing with a lot of different sub areas within engineering and design. They are open minded to collaboration with other universities and institutes in the UK and outside of the UK under the supervision of many highly experience professors and researchers. One example of those collaborations is the project that I am working on which is a collaborative project between the universities of Oxford, Bristol and Brunel. So this has been a very excellent atmosphere to do research in".

PhD programmes

Biomedical Engineering PhD


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