Student Profiles

Zulfadhli Mohamad

I never knew that digital signal processing and programming could be so much fun!

Louise DeCourcey-Dawe

This course emphasises a hands on approach… Brunel’s facilities are excellent and the equipment is phenomenal

Devansh Arora

I’m working on a project that has required me to work in Dubai and Bahrain for a month, all expenses paid

Razel Villanueva

My main role during the placement was to maintain the official Samsung UK website

— Razel Villanueva
Digital Design BSc
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Gemma Townsend

I have just finished my final year and I can say my time at Brunel has been challenging and rewarding

Martina Gehwolf

My biggest discovery here was my passion for programming, I love being capable to use it in solving complex problems

Krilova Jelena

We did a lot of practical work with very modern technologies

Hugh Wyeth

The facilities at the university were incredible, by far the best I've seen

Shiva Majidnia

Women have traditionally been underrepresented in the field of engineering, and I am proud to take a small step alongside other female engineers to prove women can also do great things in engineering

— Shiva Majidnia
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Arthur Reis

Outside of my studies, I am involved with the ElectroniCo society and a lot of the sport clubs, such as Futsal, Badminton and Jitsu training

Mary-Jane Sule

I meet different IT experts, specialists and researchers from all around the globe

— Mary-Jane Sule

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Tafadzwa Kadere

I gained skills in areas such as business systems analysis and data mining

Osman Assenay

During my first year I learned engineering maths, programing, and electronics, as well as undertaking a workshop module with hands-on laboratory experience and group projects

Laszlo Szucs

It was good to spend time in the laboratories to see how the theory is applied in practice

Romell Dawkins

I chose Brunel as it is a leading university in the engineering field and it offers a variety of facilities

Ian Johnson

There were computer labs all around the university with the latest software which was really useful

Jessica Oliveira

The level of student satisfaction influenced my decision, as well as the variety of modules that were on offer

Brunel has taken my CV from a blank sheet to being so full that I now have to prioritise my experiences

— Rupanzel Das
Digital Design BSc
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Amr Gaafar

After graduating I received three job offers in the UK; I am now employed as a KTP Associate - Electro-Mechanical Design Engineer at Baldwin and Francis Ltd in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University.

Mussa Sheboniea

I managed to meet one of the academic staff members at Brunel before applying and I had a focused discussion on my proposed study area. This meeting reinforced my decision to apply for a PhD here.

— Mussa Sheboniea
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Jason Ashman

This course enabled me to land my first job as a creative intern at MTV

Francesco Forte

I worked on a project as main RTL designer

Khalid Enayat

One of the projects I worked on was to design a system which detects defects on high power transmission lines

Gemma Townsend

I was nominated for an award for my final year project

Kevin Heetun

At Brunel, I met wonderful people from different countries and cultures, building personal and professional relationships. The professors were amazing, each different, with their own personality, but with a common aim of forming future professionals of high standard.

— Kevin Heetun
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Paul Bussman

The placement provided me with the opportunity to apply my technical knowledge

Nadia Ali Qassim Al-Aboody

When I finish my studies and go back to my country, I will carry with me not only my PhD degree, but also life knowledge, stories of people I met and worked with, and many great friends that I will keep in touch with. Every day I thank God for this eye-opening adventure.

— Nadia Ali Qassim Al-Aboody
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Patrick Diai

I chose Brunel as it is well known for its excellence in Engineering, its facilities and fantastic career prospects

Alina Williamson

I have been offered a job with Accenture once I have completed my final year

Amidou Ndakuna Fonso

At the end of my placement I had a verbal job offer from Motorola

Hamdullah Mohib

I did my work placement at Intel

Omar F. Al-Hussein

I always like to try new things and I had plenty of opportunities at Brunel in terms of study, activities, making new friends from different cultures, and having fun

Marija Tiurina

One aspect of being at Brunel that I found amazing was feeling safe and confident, as you can receive support on anything you need

— Marija Tiurina
Digital Design BSc
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Nicholas Rees

Every effort is made to help students develop excellent employability

Nicholas Boardman

Following my placement, I have been asked to stay on over the summer to continue my work

Josh Dharmanandan

Delphi Diesel Systems have offered me a graduate position

Rishane Pereira

I started my work placement with ARM Ltd in Sheffield

Lourival Castro

The university has everything you need - accommodation, restaurants, a market, clubs, sports facilities, and bars

Tom Gentry

You are allowed masses of creative freedom

Matthew Bentley

My placement allowed me to work on a range of projects

Omar Raoof

I was amazed by the amount of help I was getting from everyone in the University

Benjamin Taylor

The experience and learning opportunities are invaluable

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