Welcome to Electronic and Computer Engineering

Electronic and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Brunel is one of the largest disciplines in the University with almost 50 full-time academic staff and extensive teaching and research portfolios. The subject area is home to an undergraduate population of 600 and a postgraduate population of over 300 students.

Our IET accredited teaching provision as well as our research programmes are aimed at developing the knowledge, skills and expertise that are necessary to match the rapid increase in the industry needs for highly qualified engineers across the full breadth of Electronic and Computer Engineering as well as Digital Media Design and Technologies. Our NSS (National Student Satisfaction) scores have placed EE at Brunel in the top quartile of UK universities, hence reflecting the positive learning experience of our students.

The department also boasts an impressive set of high quality teaching and learning resources as well as strong research links with industry and a good record of employment among our graduates. Electronic and Computer Engineering at Brunel benefits from geographical proximity to most of the country's digital media and telecommunications industry.

Executive summary

Page last updated: Wednesday 13 July 2016