Prof Mizi Fan


Professor of Civil Engineering

Room: H245
Brunel University London
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1895 266466


  • Chair, Board of Examiners, Civil Engineering
  • Head/Director of Research, Department of Civil Engineering
  • Fellow, the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3)
  • Coordinator of complex EU projects
  • Principal Scientist at Building Research Establishment, UK (Associate);
  • Appointed (by the UK Foundation of Science and Technology) UK representative(s) for the Committee of European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technological Research.
  • Editorial Board member for the International Journals: Construction and Technology; Indoor and Built Environment; Nature Science
  • External (Expert) Evaluator for R&D for EU FP5, FP6 and FP7 Framework Programme for the European Commission
  • External (Expert) Evaluator for Greek Ministry of Education for R&D programme.

Research and Teaching

Research Interests

Professor Mizi Fan, Research Director, has both academic and industrial profiles previously developed at the University of Bath, the Building Research Establishment, UK (BRE) and universities in China over the last 20 years: He spent the early part of his career as a university lecturer in natural fibre, composite and engineering subjects before receiving his PhD from the University of Wales, UK in 1997. He then carried out major research and research consultancy at BRE for a period of 12 years before re-entering academics at the University of Bath.  Upon his appointment as Chair in Civil Engineering at Brunel University London, his research for the next few years will centre on solving the critical issues of future building materials and systems, particularly in nano cellulose and fusion technology, and innovative low carbon materials.

In his research field of Fibre Science and Technology, Composites, Recycling and Zero Carbon Construction, he has an international profile with four international patents, three books, and over 160 journal and conference publications, including top journals in the field such as Materials Sciences, Wood Science and Technology, and Vibrational Spectroscopy. He was the winner of the BRE Trust Award for outstanding achievement in European projects, BRE Trust Award for outstanding achievement in recognition of outstanding success in the EULIFE programme and in winning bids from IRTU, and the BRE Trust Outstanding Publication Awards for the two best papers on Built Environment. In addition, Mizi has been the coordinator of several complex EU Framework projects. He has been appointed (by the UK Foundation of Science and Technology) as UK representative for the Committee of European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technological Research (COST E49 and F0904). He is editorial board member for three international journals, a regular reviewer of several leading journals, and involved in organizing numerous international conferences. Apart from his academic background, Mizi has strong industrial links: His research has been mostly developed in collaboration with leading companies, who have funded him with PhD/EngD studentships and supported his research. He is Principal Scientist associated to BRE, providing expert inputs in the related fields. Mizi teaches all aspects of civil engineering materials, construction, and sustainability subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Mizi is the Independent (Expert) Evaluator for R&D for the EU FP5, FP6 and FP7 Framework Programme for the European Commission. He is also the Independent (Expert) Evaluator for the Greek Ministry of Education for R&D programme.

Current Research

  • Technical Leader and PI: ‘Optimally efficient production of high strength natural fibre composites (NATCOM)’. TP/5/CON/6/I/H0565L. £1.8million.
  • PI: ‘Innovative composites made from recovered wood and rubber (WOODRUB)’. 2.2million euros.
  • PI: ‘Innovative structural building products made from waste: Fire performance characterisation’. CASE/08002699. £78k.
  • PI: ‘Novel Biocomposites based on whole utilisation of wheat straw’.  7531. £86k.
  • CI: ‘Nanotechnology enhanced environmentally friendly cement composites for construction (FIBCEM)’. 800k euros. 
  • PI: ‘Nano technology enhanced straw based eco-building materials and systems’. 11330347. £98k.
  • PI: ‘Laminated strong eco-material for building construction made of cellulose-strengthened wood (CELLUWOOD)’. No 277331. 1.6million euros.

Previous Research

  • Co-ordinator: ‘An integrated study of the long term performance of wood composites in floor and roof construction’. EU Project (FAIR CT0540). 1.6million euros.
  • Co-ordinator: ‘Enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness of wood based composites in construction’. EU Project (QLRT-1640). 3.9million euros.
  • PI: ‘Extending markets for composite panels by developing a better understanding of shear test methods and board shear properties’. EU Project (FAIR-CT1638). 1.0 million euro.
  • PI: ‘Calibration and testing for the evaluation of plywood glue bond performance’. EU Project (GRD1-20002). 1.8million euros.
  • PI: ‘Technology for minimising the environmental impact of treated wood composites’. £816k.
  • PI: Reuses of reprocessed used tyres. TYR0003. £200K.
  • PI: Composite products from waste paper/paper sludge. PAP091. £280k.


Journal Papers

(2012)  Fan, M. , Performance of edgewise loaded wood based panels and their I-beam composites, Construction and Building Materials 30 447- 454

(2012)  Peng, Z. , Fan, M. , Hartley, J.  and Al-Zubaidy, M. , Properties of natural fibre composites made by pultrusion process, Journal of Composite Materials 46 (2)  : 237- 246

(2011)  Fan, M. , Dai, D.  and Yang, A. , High strength natural fiber composite: Defibrillation and its mechanisms of nano cellulose hemp fibers, International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials 60 (13)  : 1026- 1040

(2011)  Dai, D. , Fan, M. , Huang, B. , Chen, X. , et al. , Investigation of the effect mechanism of dislocations on natural fibres mechanical properties, Nongye Gongcheng Xuebao/Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering 27 (1)  : 180- 185

(2011)  Dai, D.  and Fan, M. , Investigation of the dislocation of natural fibres by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, Vibrational Spectroscopy 55 (2)  : 300- 306

(2010)  Fan, M. , Characteristic and performance of elementary hemp fibre, Materials Science and Applications 6 (1)  : 28- 36

(2010)  Fan, M. , Nano cellulose textile composites: development of nano cellulose crystals, World Journal of Engineering 7 (1)  : 97- 102

(2010)  Fan, M. , Novel 3-D composite components from cellulose materials, World Journal of Engineering 7 (3)  : 79-91

(2010)  Fan, M. , Characterization and performance of elementary hemp fibres: Factors Influencing tensile strength, BioResources 5 (4)  : 2307- 2322 Download publication

(2009)  Fan, M.  and Enjily, V. , Structural properties of oriented wood strand composite: Effect of strand orientation and modeling prediction, Journal of Engineering Mechanics 135 (11)  : 1323- 1330

(2008)  Fan, M. , High strength natural fibre composite for construction: Development of strong natural fibres, World Journal of Engineering 5 (3)  : 246- 258

(2008)  Fan, M. , Strength and deformation modification factors of wood based composites for engineering design, Journal Construction and Building Technology (2)  : 224- 232

(2008)  Fan, M.  and Enjily, V. , Strength and deformation modification factors of wood based composites for engineering design, The Open Construction and Building Technology Journal 2 224- 232

(2007)  Hapuarachchi, TD. , Ren, G. , Fan, M. , Hogg, PJ.  and Peijs, T. , Fire retardancy of natural fibre reinforced sheet moulding compound, Applied Composite Materials 14 (4)  : 251- 264

(2006)  Fan, M. , Bonfield, P. , Dinwoodie, J.  and Enjily, V. , Effect of test piece size on rheological behaviour of wood composites, Journal of Engineering Mechanics 132 (8)  : 815- 822

(2006)  Fan, M. , Bonfield, P.  and Dinwoodie, J. , Nature and behaviour of cement bonded particleboard: structure, physical property and movement, Journal of Materials Science 41 (17)  : 5666- 5678

(2006)  Fan, M. , Bonfield, P. , Kearley, V.  and Rochester, I. , Long term performance of wood based panels. Part 1: NON-destructive system for stress determination for creep loading, Journal of the Institute of Wood Science 17 (3)  : 159- 170

(2004)  Fan, MZ. , Bonfield, PW. , Dinwoodie, JM.  and Breese, MC. , Dimensional instability of cement bonded particleboard: stabilisation treatments, Wood Science and Technology 38 (5)  : 349- 362

(2004)  Fan, MZ. , Bonfield, PW. , Dinwoodie, JM.  and Breese, MC. , Dimensional instability of cement bonded particleboard: contributions to its occurrence, Wood Science and Technology 38 (5)  : 335- 347

(2004)  Fan, MZ. , Bonfield, PW. , Dinwoodie, JM. , Boxall, J.  and Breese, MC. , Dimensional instability of cement-bonded particleboard: The effect of surface coating, Cement and Concrete Research 34 (7)  : 1189- 1197

(2004)  Fan, MZ. , Dinwoodie, JM. , Bonfield, PW.  and Breese, MC. , Dimensional instability of cement bonded particleboard - Part 2: Behaviour and its prediction under cyclic changes in RH, Wood Science and Technology 38 (1)  : 53- 68 Download publication

(2004)  Fan, MZ. , Dinwoodie, JM. , Bonfield, PW.  and Breese, MC. , Dimensional instability of cement bonded particleboard: Modelling CBPB as a composite of two materials, Wood Science and Technology 37 (5)  : 373- 383 Download publication

(2002)  Fan, MZ. , Dinwoodie, JM. , Bonfield, PW.  and Breese, MC. , Dimensional instability of cement bonded particleboard, Wood Science and Technology 36 (2)  : 125- 143

Conference Papers


(2009)  Ren, G. , Patel, H. , Hapuarachchi, D. , Crowther, S. , et al. , Development of natural HEMP fibre sheet mould composites (NF- SMC), , ICCM International Conferences on Composite Materials

Book Chapters

(2009)  Fan, M. , Sustainable fibre-reinforced polymer composites in construction. In: Goodship, V.  ed. Management, Recycling and Reuse of Waste Composites. Abington, Cambridge : Woodhead Publishing Ltd 518- 569


(2010)  Fan, M. , Ohleymer, M. , Irle, M. , Haelvoet, W. , et al. , Performance in use and new products of wood based composites. Cost

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