Christina Victor

Professor Christina Victor

Professor of Public Health / Vice-Dean Research - School Management, Health Studies

Room: Room 301b, Mary Seacole Building
Brunel University London
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1895 268730

About Christina

Academic qualifications



Christina joined Brunel in October 2009 as Professor of Gerontology and Public Health in the School of Health Sciences and Social Care l having previously held professorial posts at Reading University and St George’s Hospital Medical School. Christina started her academic career as a geographer with a particular interest in the spatial distribution of health and illness and access to, and provision of, health and social care. She has a BA in Geography from Swansea University and an M Phil in medical geography from Nottingham.  

It was whilst working at the Medical School in Cardiff that she developed  her interests in gerontology and her PhD investigated outcome after discharge for older people in Wales and she now focuses her interests in public health/population medicine on to the experiences of old age and later life. Christina’s initial research interests were focussed upon  health and health inequalities and the evaluation of services for older people.  

More recently she developed a keen interest in loneliness and isolation; the benefits of exercise and activity in later life and the experiences of old age and later life amongst minority communities. She is currently leading a number of research projects funded by range of ages including ESRC (‘Families and Caring in South Asian Communities); Leverhulme (Inter and intra generational patterns of caring amongst minority communities); Dunhill medical trust (dignity in care for older people). In addition she is part of research projects focussing upon falls prevention in mental health settings (funded by NIHR); Dementia services development in Jordan (funded by the British academy); an intervention to increase exercise amongst older people in primary care (funded by NIHR) and understanding the links between care homes and primary care (funded by SDO).

Christina has written over 180 journal articles and book chapters and has published 8 books in the field of gerontology. Her most recent book, Ageing, Health and Care, was launched by Policy Press at the British Society of Gerontology conference held at Brunel in July 2010. She has recently taken over as Editor of Ageing and Society, the leading social gerontology journal in the UK. In addition she is a member of a range grant awarding bodies including NIHR and ESRC. She is a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health and an Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences.  


Committee responsibilities

  • University: Subcommittee on postgraduate research students
  • School research committee
  • School Postgraduate research studies committee (Chair)
  • School: Director of Health Studies Committee and member of School Senior Management Group

Admin responsibilities

Director of the Doctorate in Public Health

Teaching responsibilities

  • Contributor to the School research methods and evidence based public health modules
  • MSc Dissertation supervisor

PhD supervision

I am currently supervising 8 doctoral students

Teaching / Supervision

Teaching interest

Development of research students and post-doctoral/early career researchers


Research interests

My principal research interests are focussed around understanding the social context of ageing and later life. More specifically I have specialist interests around loneliness and social isolation; care and caring; growing old amongst minority communities; physical activity, exercise and later life and the use of secondary data analysis in gerontological research.  I also am active in the broad areas of service evaluation, health inequalities and public health aspects of old age and population ageing, especially in the developing world.

Research centres

Research projects and grants

  • 2010 Leverhulme Foundation-Inter and intra-generational patterns of caring amongst minority community  (£225,000) with Prof V Burholt & Dr W Martin
  • 2009 Dunhill Medical Trust-Dignity in care for older people (with Dr W Martin, Dr V Williams, Dr S Richards, Prof A Le May & Prof D Oliver) (£125,000)
  • 2008 ESRC Intergenerational relationships and support networks of older South Asians: a comparison of elders living in the UK , India and Bangladesh (with Prof Burholt) (£72696)
  • 2007 ESRC-New Dynamics of Ageing Programme-family and caring amongst South Asian communities £380,000 (with Dr  W P Martin)
  • 2007 Thomas Pocklington Trust –quality of life of people with visual impairment-£50000-M Gosney and C Victor (extension of £25,000 October 2008)
  • 2006 Framework 6-independence in old age –work packages on acceptability of technology and falls prevention (C Victor)-£300000 (approx)
  • 2006 ESC-NDA preparatory network on safety and security in old age (with Dr R McCrindle)
  • 2006 Thames Valley Primary Care Network £25,000-pilot study of exercise and older people (T Harris, C Victor & D Cook)


Membership and affiliation

  • Member British Society of Gerontology
  • Associate Member British Geriatrics Society
  • Fellow Faculty of Public Health


Journal Papers

(2015)  Harris, T. , Kerry, SM. , Victor, CR. , Ekelund, U. , et al. , A Primary Care Nurse-Delivered Walking Intervention in Older Adults: PACE (Pedometer Accelerometer Consultation Evaluation)-Lift Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial, PLoS Medicine 12 (2)  Download publication

(2014)  Clare, L. , Nelis, SM. , Quinn, C. , Martyr, A. , et al. , Improving the experience of dementia and enhancing active life - living well with dementia: study protocol for the IDEAL study, Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 12 -  Download publication

(2014)  Bunn, F. , Dickinson, A. , Simpson, C. , Narayanan, V. , et al. , Preventing falls among older people with mental health problems: A systematic review, BMC Nursing 13 (1)

(2014)  Shaw, J. , Kontos, P. , Martin, W.  and Victor, C. , The inter-relation between policy and practice for transitions from hospital to home: an ethnographic case study in England’s National Health Service, BMC Health Services Research 14 (Suppl 2)  : P111 Download publication

(2014)  Goodman, C. , Gordon, AL. , Martin, F. , Davies, SL. , et al. , Effective health care for older people resident in care homes: the optimal study protocol for realist review, Systematic Reviews 3 (2014)  : 49 Download publication

(2014)  Rogers, A. , Harris, T. , Victor, CR. , Woodcock, A. , et al. , Which older people decline participation in a primary care trial of physical activity and why: insights from a mixed methods approach, BMC Geriatrics 14 -  Download publication

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(2013)  Shah, SM. , Carey, IM. , Harris, T. , DeWilde, S. , et al. , Initiation of psychotropic medication after partner bereavement: A matched cohort study, PLoS One 8 (11)  : e77734 Download publication

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Book Chapters

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