Student Profiles

Quincy Campbell-Rose

I chose Brunel because of its reputation as a good sporting university and the fact that they offered me an academic scholarship

Tom Butcher

I have had a great three years at Brunel University; everyone in the physiotherapy department is approachable, supportive and fun

Bjørt Kragsteen

The Biomedical Sciences programme at Brunel was certainly the right choice as the first step towards my goal

Md Alam

Brunel University is a multicultural university with students from all parts of the world

Sarah Hussain

I felt upset and nervous when I contacted UCAS to go through Clearing, so I was relieved and delighted when I was offered a place at Brunel to study Biomedical Sciences

Luke McBride

I had my first 6 week placement at Royal London Hospital MSK outpatients department. I found the experience immensely rewarding and I've learnt so much whilst being here.

Anthony Wright

What I like about the course is its broad multi-disciplinary nature

— Anthony Wright

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MacKenzie Kemps

Brunel set me up with the necessary knowledge, creating a solid foundation of manual skills that aided me throughout my placement when assessing and treating my patients.

Bijan Kumar Saha

Brunel is helping me in diverse ways to increase my knowledge, and skills that will make me stand out from others

— Bijan Kumar Saha
Occupational Therapy MSc
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Jasper Oreva Ojoghoro

The research community in my institute is very warm - a haven where everyone is ready to help. My supervisors are very supportive, the best every research student would like to have.

— Jasper Oreva Ojoghoro
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Stefano Vecchiarelli

I liked the modules which are both theoretical and practical

Adil Delwar Dulal

I couldn’t have made a better choice than this. I will always be proud to be a Brunelian

— Adil Delwar Dulal
Biomedical Sciences BSc
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Gemma Korff

The Brunel programme is well structured, the tutors are friendly and supportive and study groups are small

The MSc has exceeded my expectations - the diverse range of modules has equipped me with a variety of skills directly transferable to the workplace

Tom Butcher

It is has been a placement which will be hard to leave, but also one which I have valued immensely

The PGR community in my department is outgoing and social, providing me with the network of support necessary for completing a PhD (and staying sane in the process!).

— Toby Ellmers
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Rebecca Gould

It's nice to have a mixture of both hydro and outpatients

Charlotte Franklin

I enjoyed the independence I was given whilst on placement, it has really improved my confidence and allowed me to practice all the skills learnt at university.

Harriet Haspar

My first placement was in MSK Outpatients at Mile End Hospital. I was immediately made to feel an integral part of the lovely physio team there.

Karol Wereszczynski

Doing my PhD study at Brunel University has given me exposure to an outstanding academic experience and research environment which has helped expand my intellectual inquiry.

— Karol Wereszczynski
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Rock Chen

My placement year with Syngenta was a key point in my life. The learning curve was huge for me - I learned how to apply my knowledge of science to real projects

Kati Schlimm

My placement was at Roxy/Quiksilver in France. I helped advertise and create an online presence for the Spring/Summer 2013 Bikini collection of Roxy!

Alexzina Brooks

Seeing as I am interested in several aspects of psychology - mostly psychotherapy - having the option to do two placements is very practical as I can grasp what I am good at and what I enjoy

— Alexzina Brooks
Psychology BSc
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Sam George

The sporting facilities are great as it means I can pursue elite sport in my spare time, with all the facilities and equipment I need

Ioanna Karpathiou

Looking back at my achievements, I have gained a new level of confidence and hope to be even more productive in my final year


My student colleagues represent a diverse and interesting group, not only in terms of their backgrounds and individual challenges, but also in relation to their insights from their own work and life experiences

— Winston

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Jelani Robertson

I chose Brunel University because of the amazing career opportunities that past graduates from my chosen programme of study have been privy to

Anas Darkauoi

Academic support is provided throughout the year, especially language support for international students 

— Anas Darkauoi

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As a mature student, I have far more responsibilities, which have made this a challenging, yet worthwhile experience

— Despina Skoutianeli

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The course requires hard work and commitment, but there is a lot of support from both the department and from other services

The tutors and lecturers are very supportive and approachable- I always feel comfortable asking questions in lectures or going to see my personal tutors for any queries or troubles I may have

Matthew Maclure

I would strongly recommend this Masters to anyone who is passionate about youth work and international development

— Matthew Maclure

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Michaela Mathieu-Marius

The MA in Children, Youth, and International Development has been a life changer for me

— Michaela Mathieu-Marius

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Joe Pound

With such rich content in lectures, the broad range of topics and the continual support, I would not hesitate in recommending this course

— Joe Pound

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Alice Lennox

I have been lucky as many of my placements have been quite close by so I have managed to get my training done in the evenings

Dario Zavagno

I was blown away by the amazing sports facilities that Brunel University London were able to provide

Since graduating I’ve started work as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Anish Patel

My placement was at West Ham Academy FC, I have most enjoyed working with highly motivating staff members and also enjoyed building a good rapport with the academy players

Rebecca Fletcher

Since qualifying the quality of teaching I received at Brunel has become all the more apparent, I feel all the lecturers really prepared us for clinical work and always went the extra mile.

The lecturers get to know everyone and make you feel comfortable


The course at Brunel is brilliant and really prepares you for clinical practice

The skills, knowledge and experiences gained have enabled me to begin my career as a chartered physiotherapist sooner rather than later


The fact that Brunel University offered the four-year sandwich course for Biomedical Sciences made my university decision even easier

Joshua Li

It was such an amazing experience working with the therapy team and the placement gave me a great opportunity to transfer and apply the knowledge I have learnt in theoretical modules


Brunel University has a “work hard, play hard” ethic and I strongly recommend that prospective students apply here

Completing my own research was challenging but also taught me determination and persistence

— Jeanette Banks
Social Work MA
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Stephanie Wynne

My clinical educators have been highly supportive and provided ample opportunities to develop communication and teamwork skills

Emily Coates

My first placement was a fantastic experience and I loved every day of it

Jennifer Hall

Throughout the 2.5 years that I have been at Brunel so far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. In the first year, my supervisors guided me in developing my own ideas for my research, which enabled me to have a clear plan from very early on within my PhD journey.

— Jennifer Hall
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Aidan Sharples

My placement at the Evelina Children’s Hospital (part of St Thomas’ Hospital London SE1) has been a great learning experience. I’ve been working along side the respiratory team which covers the Paediatric Intensive care unit, high dependency unit and general wards.

Frances Maydom

I used the theory and manual techniques taught at Brunel to care for my patients both carefully and successfully. Brunel has most definitely given me the confidence to start and complete my placement!

Nikki Whitby

Since graduating from Brunel in 2007 I completed my junior rotations at both an acute and then a community trust.

Teodora Belwalkar

All the lectures have been really insightful and have given me a good understanding of human development, statutory law in social work, as well as opened my mind to broader sociological perspectives.  

— Teodora Belwalkar
Social Work MA
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Madeleine Smith

I heard that Brunel offered my course so I phoned them. I felt relieved to know that I had got into university despite not getting my predicted grades

— Madeleine Smith
Psychology BSc
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Evren Raman

I don’t know what the future holds for me but I do know that the knowledge and skills that I have gained during my time at Brunel will aid me wherever I end up.

— Evren Raman
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I really enjoyed living on campus and having everything close by


Both the reputation and location of Brunel were key to me applying for an MSc in Health Promotion and Public Health here

The lecturers are absolutely dedicated

Alexia Kalligeraki

Lecturers are all engaging and committed to their field of research - their drive and passion for their subject areas have influenced several of my career choices so far

— Alexia Kalligeraki

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Shirish Jirapure

Brunel offer a range of fantastic facilities and a variety of different clubs and societies to keep everyone entertained

Alexandra Diaconu

My decision to opt for the thin-placement programme was due to my desire to gain a deeper understanding of my career options and to assess my suitability for them

— Alexandra Diaconu
Psychology BSc
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Being in greater London also helps with job opportunities, as it is so easy to get into the Capital

— Abigail Williams
Psychology BSc
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Brunel has a particularly welcoming atmosphere and is very inclusive

Nikki Norman

Whilst at Brunel, I was privileged to complete placements at Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Royal Free Hospital and Kings College Hospital where I received high quality training and I was able to apply the knowledge that Brunel had taught us.

I love the broad spectrum of students at Brunel who I’ve met around campus

I really warmed to Brunel when I was applying to various universities due to the vast array of sports teams and all of the sports facilities that are available


During my degree, I have gained considerable experience in some of London’s top hospitals

Sarah Lyons

The optional modules in Levels 2 and 3 allowed me to tailor my course to my preferred and strongest subjects, enabling me to get the most out of my degree

— Sarah Lyons

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Zamira Laljee

Brunel University and its lecturers have provided me with a fantastic foundation upon which to begin my career

Fran Marshall

Having placement at The Royal Brompton was amazing. Being at a centre of excellence for cardio-thoracic's allowed me to see a variety of conditions meaning that I was able to learn a huge amount in the clinical setting.

Ogechi Edeh

The coursework feedback I receive is very constructive, commending what was good and also where to improve

Justyna Mleczko

I chose Brunel because it was the only university in London that offered Biomedical Science and Forensic Science combined

— Justyna Mleczko

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This course has helped me build invaluable skills

— Fatema

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Oliwia Gadomska

The other students on the course came from all over the world, attracted by the department’s reputation, and it was easy to make friends

— Oliwia Gadomska

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Gavin Travers

My research interests lie in the effects of heat acclimation and dehydration on cardiovascular function and exercise performance

— Gavin Travers
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This degree gave me the knowledge and confidence to pursue a PhD in aquatic toxicology

— Katherine

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Ewan Tuohy

I find my role to be very diverse and have been involved in many different projects ranging from new product development to internal education programmes


The knowledge gained directly from this course meant I was given interviews at British and American Tobacco, Givaudan and my current work of place SC Johnson

— Ahmed

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Adetutu Adebesin

Being able to take part in the patient rehabilitation process provides me with a great sense of personal satisfaction

Emma Pallant

I chose Brunel because I knew that the physiotherapy course was highly regarded and focused on the practical application

Felicity Clarke

I have been successful in getting a rotational Band 5 job at Southend University Hospital which I start in September. There is no doubt that I would not be in the same position if it had not been for the teaching and preparation delivered by the fantastic lecturers at Brunel, who support us fully through the degree.

Philip Erritty

Through my placements I developed an interest in schizophrenia, and I chose to investigate lay perceptions of the disorder for my dissertation

— Philip Erritty
Psychology BSc
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Sue Wagland

The course requires that we use published papers rather than relying on textbooks, so I’ve been introduced to a whole new world of scientific literature

— Sue Wagland

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This experience at Brunel University will influence my practice in a positive direction in the future

Nicola Hobbs

I hope to develop holistic mind-body healing programmes

Natasha Masand

Becoming the Links Officer for the entire school has enabled me to demonstrate my administration, responsibility and leadership skills to my potential employers and cohorts

Yuen Mei Mak

Brunel offers a wide range of social activities and workshops for those who need help in terms of coursework, stress, or time management

Hassan Khonsari

My time here has been really exciting, and also very challenging. There is a great library and excellent computer facilities around the university

Joshua Chew

One of the main reasons I decided to study at that Brunel what the fact it has one big campus compared to city campuses in London that are scattered all over town

Shahana Ansari

I love that Brunel has a strong and welcoming community on campus

— Shahana Ansari

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Zoë Thompson

The lecturers have always been very approachable and encourage discussion and ideas in seminars that have enabled me to develop as a self-directed learner

I have been able to secure placements working with professional academies and associations

I chose to do physiotherapy at Brunel because of the variety of teaching staff, many of whom have carried out interesting research from very diverse areas, and are still in clinical practice

Filipe Magalhães

My CV stands out due to the Masters and all the practical experience and theoretical knowledge I got from it

— Filipe Magalhães

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Elise Mensah

Support from the University whilst on placement was always in easy reach as tutors keep track of your progress through phone calls and visits

Martynas Stonkus

My advice to Clearing students? Don’t panic. Look at the dedicated Clearing pages, contacting the university is easy and they will take you through everything.

Rebekah Morales Ramon

The wide range of specialities I was exposed to on placement increased my awareness and directed my area of interest once qualified; I now work in Learning Disabilities thanks to a placement in my second year.

— Rebekah Morales Ramon
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Since my arrival at Brunel 2 years ago, my experience has been amazing, more than what you will ever imaging reading about the university online.

— Jasper Oreva Ojoghoro
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I really enjoyed studying in an environment that was very multicultural, surrounded by a group of excellent teaching staff

Saskia Booth

I was very fortunate to get a Band 5 post at one of the UK’s leading heart and lung tertiary institutes

Luna Xie

The final year project was one of the most amazing things that I have done in my life, I have learned valuable skills from the process of completing my project

Alpa Patel

I really enjoyed the practical aspect of the MSc course, which included a nine-month research dissertation

Meganne Torkelson

I love my degree programme and all of the activities hosted on campus

— Meganne Torkelson

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William Stephens

My name is William Stephens & I'm currently completing my 4th placement at The National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery Queens Square – Central London.

Melissa Courtney

The sport scholarship has allowed me to be in student halls next to the Indoor Athletics Centre so I don't have to travel to training


Experts from different parts of toxicological industry visited and very diverse, very real and relevant case studies were used to aid our learning

— Anwen

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Marsha Simon

I choose Brunel University London due to the reviews and feedback from colleagues who previously completed the SCHPN course at Brunel and also from friends that have graduated from the university.

— Marsha Simon
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Pauldy Otermans

Having studied in The Netherlands, United States, France (Paris) and Switzerland, I love universities with an international student community which is extremely accurate for Brunel. In fact I have met people from over forty countries during my one and a half years at Brunel.

— Pauldy Otermans
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Muhammad Javed

I learnt a lot from my placement year, such as the technical details of food process. As well as that, I developed as a person

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