Our Undergraduate Students

Joanna Karpathiou


Level Two student, 13-14 academic year


BSc Biomedical Sciences (Human Health) course


Responsibilities: Level Two School Representative Buddy for Level One students

School Senior Representative 14-15


Ioanna Karpathiou

When I made the decision to study Biomedical Sciences at Brunel University, I was still unsure of my own abilities to succeed. The new environment, new city, new people, and living away from home for the first time were overwhelming experiences. However, this did not deter me. I was confident that with the right guidance and with the proper motivation I would excel.

From the very first day, the Biosciences Division impressed me. The modules were structured and organised. The lecturers were all active researchers, and would update their slides as new evidence came to light. This promoted dialogue between students and staff, as discussions would ensue based on the topic of interest. There was a well-defined support network of Level Two and Level Three students, who would act as mentors to Level One. Finally, there were numerous opportunities to take part in research projects across the university.

Close to the end of my second year, I was given the opportunity to join a team at Brunel DoC Lab. This work would test my existing knowledge of biomedical sciences and build upon my understanding of medical technologies. I hope to complete a final year project with Doc Lab next year. Such a prospect would provide invaluable work experience and a plethora of transferable skills.

In addition to studies and research, I was honoured to be elected School Representative for both Level One and Level Two in my first two years respectively. For my final year I have been elected Senior Representative for the School of Health Sciences and Social Care.

Looking back at my achievements, I have gained a new level of confidence and hope to be even more productive in my final year. As a direct result of this degree, I now actively seek out novel research, and am excited about the prospect of partaking in original independent projects. I have also come to highly value education and will be applying for postgraduate studies.


Adil Delwar Dulal


Level Two student, 13-14 academic year


BSc Biomedical Sciences course


Responsibilities: Level Two Course & School representative,

                              Buddy for Level One students,

                              President of Biomedical Society

BiosciencesAdil Dula 


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step’’ - Lao Tzu

Before taking the first step, as an international student, I had to think wisely regarding all my needs whilst staying away from home. After doing meticulous research I made up my mind to go for Brunel. One of the most important things that I considered first of all was the on campus facility of Brunel, which is excellent. It has such a homely atmosphere, which made me feel really comfortable to settle in. When I came here everything was new to me but Brunel’s splendid support made it easier for me to cope with everything fast. If I ever have any issues regarding the course I have always been extended a hand. I genuinely think the way Brunel Biosciences administration and the department gives their effort to make sure students receive good service and education is incomparable.

The cultural diversity of Brunel lets you learn even more about life. Being a member of different vibrant societies gave me the privilege to experience different cultural festivals and food.  

Apart from studies it was always hard for me to think about something else. Brunel steps in right here and lets you think outside the box. I have always been afraid of leadership and public speaking but, after some motivational speeches of lecturers and running different successful election campaigns and trainings, I achieved something that I never had before. I gained confidence in myself to speak up and achieved extracurricular skills which will take me anywhere and will help me in my future career and always in my lifetime. In these few years at Brunel I have not only been able to be a student but a course rep, school rep and president of a society and I learnt more than you can imagine. Brunel is not only about studies, it literally teaches us how to live.

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle” - Christian Larson

Yes that’s right, Brunel made me think and believe in what I can do. I couldn’t have made a better choice than this. I will always be proud to be a Brunelian.



Alexia Kalligeraki 

Level Two student, 13-14 academic year


BSc Biomedical Sciences (Forensic) course


Responsibilities: Level Two Course Representative


Biosciences at Brunel was my first choice university due to the variety and flexibility the course offers. I was pleased to find that from day one I was able to feel comfortable in my new surroundings and eager to get to work. The welcoming events and introduction to the staff and facilities was a delightful experience and I immediately felt a member of the division.

The structure of the course allowed me to set solid foundations for my further studies during year one, where we were taught the basic principles behind cellular biology and biochemistry. In addition, the extensive laboratory work helped me familiarise myself with basic procedures and develop my practical skills. The content in year two is incredibly interesting, though challenging at times, and the lecturers are all engaging and committed to their field of research. Their drive and passion for their subject areas have influenced several of my career choices so far, and I have come to be deeply interested in specific topics due to the enthusiasm conveyed by the teaching staff.

Apart from my degree, I have been given the opportunity to engage with the student body and staff on numerous occasions through my work as a Course Representative for Level Two. Being an elected representative, I act as the link between my fellow students and staff at official meetings and designated focus groups to shape the course according to changing student needs, to improve the university experience for all, and to ensure that every student’s voice is heard and taken into consideration. I believe that representation is of vital significance, and I try to promote that ideal in all aspects of my work.

As I’m currently finishing my second year, I feel confident enough to successfully tackle my dissertation next year and begin setting down the foundation for my postgraduate studies. I hope to continue to represent my fellow students at all levels, and do justice to the work set down by all student representatives in the past years.

Studying Biomedical Sciences at Brunel University has been one of the most positive and important opportunities I’ve had the fortune to be given, and I am glad and proud to be a member of the Division of Biosciences. 


Muhammad Javed

Graduated July 2013

BSc Biomedical Sciences (Biochemistry) with Professional Experience - 1st Class Honours

Recipient of The Society for Endocrinology – Undergraduate Achievement Award

Muhammad Javed

Studying Biomedical Science (Biochemistry) at Brunel University has been an exciting and useful experience for me over the last four years. What initially attracted me towards this university was its multicultural atmosphere, as well as aspects of the course. During my time here the lecturers were helpful and always able to answer any questions, especially at exam times. They would sometimes go out of their way to help, for example during my final year project my supervisor made time to look over my project over the holiday period and sat with me to discuss how to improve it.

I was given the opportunity to undertake a placement year during my third year of university which was one of the most useful experiences. I worked for a year at Mars Chocolate UK as a student food scientist. Although not directly related to my degree, food science was an area I had been interested in for a long time and studying a science at Brunel gave me the opportunity to work in such an industry. I learnt a lot from my placement year, including the technical details of food process, as well as developing myself personally. Whilst on placement I was visited by a placement supervisor from Brunel who supported me throughout the year whilst away from the university. This placement definitely helped me as I had matured during the year which prepared me for my final year at university.

Having left university I have found employment in the food science industry as a consequence of my placement year. The Professional Development Centre at Brunel advertised the placement and were very helpful with interview preparation. I would definitely say it was worthwhile studying at Brunel as I have developed a lot at a personal and an academic level.

Sarah Lyons

Graduated July 2013

BSc Biomedical Sciences (Forensic) with Professional Experience – 2.1 Class Honours

Recipient of The Astus Award for Best Final Year Project for Progeria Research

Sarah Lyons

I fell in love with Brunel when I visited the campus whilst studying for my A-Levels. I was exposed to nothing but friendly, engaging and welcoming people and I just knew Brunel was the only place I wanted to be. I chose the course ‘BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences (Forensic)’ as I was fascinated by the subject area and I felt it matched my talents.

My career aspirations and expectations from the course were unclear to me when I applied and even when I started my degree. This worried me initially as everybody around me seemed to have some life plan except for me. Brunel cultivated this, providing me with insight into different paths presented to me and sparked ideas for my future career. Most of all I was taught how I could develop myself personally and professionally to make these routes more accessible. This led me to co-found and become the Treasurer for the Brunel Biology Society, which allowed me to meet like-minded people on a social level. I also had post-graduate and other students to go to for advice and guidance, I was supported by staff and peers, and made me feel a part of Brunel for more than just studying.

I opted to extend my course by an extra year and took my third year as a placement year, where I worked in industry conducting first-in-man clinical drug trials. This experience was invaluable, not only because it put 12 months of relevant professional work on my CV, but because I learnt about life after university. Whilst I enjoyed my time on placement, I learnt that I personally did not suit clinical ward work and that the aspects I enjoyed most were reading the research behind new drugs, and the logistical work that goes into running a clinical trial.

The optional modules in Levels two and three allowed me to tailor my course to my preferred and strongest subjects, enabling me to get the most out of my degree. Soon I found myself enjoying the content and teaching style so much that it barely felt like work and learning no longer seemed a chore, as it used to through school. The lecturers involved in the research centres CCCB and BIAS, particularly Dr Bridger, nurtured my research interests and enabled me to become confident in myself. This was most apparent throughout my final year project, which I thoroughly enjoyed and even miss working towards.

Now I work for the NHS in a service development role where I get to put into practice healthcare aspects learnt in my degree, and team it with the logistic work I enjoyed on placement. In the near future I am hoping to return to Brunel to study part-time for a PhD (alongside my current career) under the supervision of the staff that supported me so much through these vital years of my life, and for whom I have endless respect and admiration.


Luna Xie

Graduated July 2013

BSc Biomedical Sciences 2.1 Honours

Recipient of the University Prize for Best Final Year Project


I choose Brunel because it has a modern, vibrant campus with an impressive range of state-of-the-art teaching, social and sporting facilities. I like Brunel as an international student because it has a very diverse community with international students from all over the world. Such a multicultural environment made me feel very welcomed. As an international student I have benefited from many workshops, which taught essay writing and presentation and project skills that were held by the academic support team.

It has always been my ambition to undertake medical-related subjects. The Biomedical Sciences course provided exactly what I expected and was certainly the right choice for me. The course starts with the basic medical-related subjects allowing  students from different levels to be introduced to the field. Most of the lecturers are very friendly and excellent with their teaching. The personal tutor network provides students with opportunities to share any academic or personal issues throughout the course at university.

Throughout my degree course, I enjoyed all of my lectures, in particular Human pathology and the development and treatment of cancer. I also enjoyed our practicals because it not only helped me to understand the knowledge that I have learned from text books but also gave me inspiration.

The final year project was one of the most amazing things that I have done in my life. I have learned valuable skills from the process of completing my project. I would like to give my sincere thanks to Dr Tosi, who helped me throughout my project. She inspired me and assured me of my own self-confidence. This has been a great help for my life and it keeps me chasing the things that I have never thought I would be able to do before.

I would like to say that I am proud to be a student of Brunel.  Brunel motivated me and helped me to realise my potential. I am very happy that I have chosen Brunel and this course. When I look back at my time at Brunel, I realise how far I have come. Brunel has been a very important part of making me who I am as a person today. I would recommend Brunel, and of course the Biomedical course, to any future students.



Level Two student, 13-14 academic year

BSc Biomedical Sciences course

Responsibilities: Level One student representative

Biomedical Science is flexible and reflects the broad range of fields supporting modern medicine. As a Biomedical Sciences student, I am really enjoying learning a range of aspects of Biology which include from Microbiology to Human Anatomy. The lectures are very interesting and are mostly linked to the lecturers’ current research; this ensures that the information provided is up-to date with the scientific knowledge.

The fact that Brunel University offered the four-year-sandwich-course for Biomedical Sciences made my university decision even easier. A year in industrial placement is really beneficial as it would allow me to gain a deeper insight in the possible careers which relate to my degree and of course such work experience looks great on the CV.

When I first visited Brunel University I loved the look and atmosphere of the campus, it was easily accessible. I also had the chance to speak to current students and academics - they were helpful in answering my queries. This was a good opportunity to speak to current students, and gain a viewpoint from their perceptive.

Being situated on the outskirts of London, it is well connected to central London. There is a range of diversity on campus. The clubs and societies available to join are fantastic; there is something here for everyone and it’s a great way to socialise and meet new people.

Natasha Masand

Level Three student, 13-14 academic year

BSc Biomedical Sciences (Human Health) course

Responsibilities: School Links Officer for the Union of Brunel Students


As an international student, I felt right at home when I enrolled at Brunel. The multicultural society allows international students to comfortably integrate. Being a campus based university, and well connected to central London, Brunel provides the best of both worlds. 

The university status both for Biosciences and as a whole has considerably improved and this can be reflected by the high standards of teaching. Lecturers and personal tutors are always ready to meet students to talk about academic related problems and are more than happy to provide their assistance.

Apart from academic support, the university's Advice and Representation Centre provides great support to students who are facing problems ranging from accommodation to health.

All of these facilities made me feel more at home and helped me make the most of my time here at Brunel.

I am currently a second year Biomedical Sciences student and after I graduate I aim to work in the field of human health and immunology.

I am extremely keen on undertaking a placement year and highly recommend it to any potential students as it gives on the opportunity to gain professional experience as well as a chance to greatly increase one's employability after they graduate.

Apart from being a good student, I also work for the Union of Brunel Students as the School links Officer for the School of Health Sciences and Social Care. This role has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with key staff and get myself known within the university community.

Becoming the Links Officer for the entire school has enabled me to demonstrate my administration, responsibility and leadership skills to my potential employers and cohorts. 

I am proud to be a student of Brunel, proud to be an employee of the Union of Brunel Students and proud to say that Brunel has allowed me to flourish and perform to my maximum potential.


Level Three student, 13-14 academic year

BSc Biomedical Sciences (Human Health) course

Responsibilities: Level Two student representative

After starting my Biomedical Sciences degree at Brunel University, I realised very quickly that Brunel was the right place for me. From its convenient transport links to London, the excellent campus and state of the art library, Brunel offers an excellent environment in which students can realise their potential. I was fortunate enough to live on campus during my first year and greatly enjoyed the comfortable and modern halls of residence Brunel provides. There is always something going on around campus and the many sports clubs and societies on offer can cater for people of all backgrounds and interests. I have found lecturers and personal tutors to be extremely helpful and co-operative whenever I have needed help on issues ranging from academic help and advice on careers and placements. I intend to do a placement year and would strongly recommend students to use the excellent Placements and Careers centre found in the library. In my second year, I was elected course rep, a position I use to convey any issues or concerns my peers have to the senior tutors. Brunel University has a “work hard, play hard” ethic and I strongly recommend students to apply here.

Ogechi Edeh

Graduated July 2013,   BSc Biomedical Science 2.2 Honours

BSc Biomedical Sciences course

Responsibilities: Level Three student representative


I chose to study this course because it is related to medicine. I was first inspired by the description of the subjects offered at each level. I chose to come to Brunel because the campus based university was second to none in providing proximity to the lecture hall, library, other facilities and the shops. I found this university to be truly home from home.

My course in Biomedical Sciences was broad at the start giving me the chance to learn and adapt to the skills I needed in order to do well. From laboratory sessions to presentations, assignments to projects, some are done in groups and others are carried out individually. There is a weekly one hour-seminar offered by Biosciences which is open to all students and is held by researchers from within and outside Brunel. The best thing about this course for me has been to expose my mind to the interesting research fields of lecturers. The specialist research fields here in Brunel are world-class, likewise the lecturers who bring their on-going research to use as examples in their teaching.

The feedback system here in Brunel is ever-improving and in Biosciences, the coursework feedback I receive is very constructive, in commending what was good and also where to improve. The course has helped me settle in leadership roles and in taking initiatives to seek for the better of students and to develop effective communication skills. In my first year, I enjoyed Anatomy and Physiology the most and Medical Microbiology in my second year. I opted out of a placement option, nevertheless the job related skills to be developed in a placement makes it worth considering. Now in the final year, I have enjoyed working on my final year project which involved me in a field I chose and a field expert to supervise. I liked the structure of Level Three because it allowed me enough time to focus on my final year project in the first term with only one other subject.

Whether it is the administrative and support staff or an academic staff or my assigned personal tutor, I can always voice any concerns whether coursework specific or exams related. There has never been a time to feel lost as we can share our ideas with a student representative as well, a job I am very familiar with. I have also enjoyed contact with the Professional Development Centre (PDC) in Brunel. I have enjoyed interviews and careers related workshops. Such a workshop was offered as part of a study block during my second year. I liked that I could book appointments with the subject liaison of biosciences in PDC and ask any questions regarding placement or simple things like help with CVs.

All the clubs and societies offered in Brunel are managed by the Union of Brunel Students (UBS).  I could confidently approach any of them. The UBS is ranked # 3 in the UK & #1 in London. I have so enjoyed my time as a course rep, school rep and a student assembly member. I have been involved in singing, as part of classes offered by Brunel Arts, and in societies that boost cultural experiences. With my interest to become a medical doctor, this course deepened my scientific understanding of cellular processes and the mechanisms of the human body when normal and when diseased. I still aspire to serve one day as a great doctor (now with a solid foundation). If you do decide to come to Brunel, you may just realise that it is well suited to your aspirations.


Graduated with 1st Class Honours in BSc Biomedical Sciences (Biochemistry) - July 2012


The main reason I chose Brunel University was because it offered in industrial placement year as part of a four-year sandwich course. This placement year was very beneficial in my eyes as I learnt great deal about the pharmaceutical industry, gained invaluable work experience and also developed my confidence. I also learnt more about myself in terms of my abilities and skills.

The University was very helpful in assisting me with finding the placement and was very supportive throughout the whole process. In addition, I have really enjoyed my time at Brunel not only academically, but also from an extra-curricular point of view. Brunel offer a range of fantastic facilities and a variety of different clubs and societies to keep everyone entertained. There is something for everyone here.



Graduated June 2010

Biomedical Sciences (Genetics) 1st Class Honours

Bjørt Kragesteen

For a long time it has been my ambition to undertake research in genetics of disease for my future career. The Biomedical Sciences programme at Brunel was certainly the right choice as the first step towards my goal. The course provided me with a thorough knowledge about human biology, and I had the option to choose modules that focused on genetics. The lecturers and staff were always ready to help and provide support and guidance at all times. It was indeed a nourishing environment in which I could develop my interest and knowledge in biology, and has provided me with a strong backbone for future studies.

The good thing about Brunel is its location on the outskirts of London. The whole campus is at one location and it gives the campus a ‘student town’ feel, and you are at home in the surroundings. Brunel is still well connected with central London, so you are able to go and explore the vibrant city.

Coming from the Faroe Islands, a very small place, it was a delight to be surrounded in the lively atmosphere of the University campus. There are students from all over the world and diversity is cherished. As an international student, I was a slightly worried about starting the new chapter of my life in London and at Brunel. The University makes a great effort to welcome and integrate international students making it easy to meet people. Already in my first week, I became close friends with people from different courses and also with international Erasmus students. All together, the environment was ideal for the beginning of a new chapter and to create a new home. When I look back, I met so many great people from all over the world and it opened my eyes in many ways; multifarious memories were added to my suitcase of life during my time at Brunel.

I am currently doing my Master’s in Molecular Medicine at the Charité in Berlin, Germany. After the completion of my Master studies I will do a PhD, researching in genetics of disease, and teach at University.


Graduated with 1st Class Honours in BSc Biomedical Sciences - July 2012

Rock Chen

From a young age I have always been fascinated with science. Knowing how the human body worked and how it was capable of surviving in some of the harshest environments in the world has always ignited my curiosity. When it was time to choose a university and my first degree, I chose Brunel. The Biomedical Sciences sandwich course was a good choice for me. It matched what I wanted to learn and provided an opportunity to go on placement, so that I could make a career out of science. 

Brunel's strong sporting opportunities attracted my interest during the time of choosing a university. Also the location of Brunel as it was on the outskirts of London and, as someone who has grown up in London, I felt at home.

During my time at Brunel I have developed a strong interest in the analytical and chemical side of biomedical sciences. This amused me because, as student in sixth form, I was never really interested chemistry and mathematics.

I focused extremely hard in my first year, even though my friends kept telling me it didn't count towards the degree outcome (although you have to pass the Level to progress further). In the end all the hard work paid off, as I was interviewed and accepted as an industrial placement student with a company called Syngenta.

My placement year with Syngenta was a key point in my life. The learning curve was huge for me. I learned how to apply my knowledge of science to real projects. My supervisor helped me patiently to develop into a young professional and a scientist. During my placement I learned how to take care of myself better and gained many new life experiences.

Now I am in my final year completing coursework and exams to hopefully gain an excellent degree outcome. When I look back at my time at Brunel, I realised how far I have come. Brunel has truly become a part of me as it has played a part in making me who I am.


BSc Honours in Medical Genetics - 2.1 - July 2009


I chose Brunel as an undergraduate because of the passion and enthusiasm that I saw in the lecturers. I was nervous to move away from home, but knew that Brunel was the best place for me. After thoroughly enjoying my first two years, I decided to do a work placement to put the skills I’d learnt into practice, before returning to Brunel to complete my final year. 

MSc in Molecular Medicine and Cancer Research (with Merit) - December 2010

When I started to look into the possibility of doing a Masters, Brunel’s course in Molecular Medicine and Cancer Research covered my interests. I’d found the cancer aspect of my undergraduate degree the most interesting and decided that this would be a great way to continue my study.

PhD Research Student with Biosciences from 2010

More than six years after starting my undergraduate degree, I’m still at Brunel and now studying for my PhD. I am sponsored by the company where I undertook my work placement, in my thick sandwich year as an undergraduate. 

Being at Brunel has developed me as a scientist and a person, and I’m very happy

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