Nicholas Pound

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Room: Gaskell Building Room 261
Brunel University London
Uxbridge, UB8 3PH
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1895 266311
Web: Personal Website



  • PhD Psychology (McMaster)
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology (Leeds)

Personal Biography

After a BSc in Psychology at the University of Leeds I completed my PhD at McMaster University in Canada under the supervision of Martin Daly and Margo Wilson. Following periods of postdoctoral work in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Liverpool and the University of East Anglia working with Matt Gage, I worked briefly at the University of Stirling with Ian Penton-Voak before joining the Department of Psychology at Brunel in 2004.


Research Overview

Much of my research has focused on social and psychological influences on male reproductive physiology and sexual behaviour. Recently, I’ve begun to use traditional anthropometric and geometric morphometric techniques to examine associations between facial morphology, health and endocrine status and also to examine what facial cues people use to form judgments of personality in others. Additionally, I use various techniques to study male competitiveness, risk-sensitivity, impulsiveness and violence.

Member, Centre for Culture & Evolutionary Psychology

Member, Centre for Cognition & Neuroimaging



Undergraduate Programmes

Module convenor

  • Drugs, Hormones & the Brain

Postgraduate Programmes

Programme convenor

  • MSc Evolutionary Psychology

Module convenor

  • Animal Behaviour & Behavioural Ecology
  • Dissertation in Evolutionary Psychology

Module contributor

  • Evolutionary Psychology


  • Psychology Department Research / REF Coordinator

External Activity

  • Behavioral and Brain Sciences (BBS) Associate
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Editorial Board for Evolutionary Psychology
  • Editorial Board for Frontiers in Evolutionary Psychology


Journal Papers

(2014)  Pound, N. , Lawson, DW. , Toma, AM. , Richmond, S. , et al. , Facial fluctuating asymmetry is not associated with childhood ill-health in a large British cohort study, Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences20141639 Download publication

(2014)  Price, ME. , Pound, N.  and Scott, IM. , Female economic dependence and the morality of promiscuity, Archives of Sexual Behavior: an interdisciplinary research journal 43 (7)  : 1289- 1301 Download publication

(2013)  Boothroyd, L.G.. , Scott, I. , Gray, AW. , Coombes, CI.  and Pound, N. , Male facial masculinity as a cue to health outcomes, Evolutionary Psychology 11 (5)  : 1044- 1058 Download publication

(2013)  Pound, N.  and Price, ME. , Human sex differences: Distributions overlap but the tails sometimes tell a tale, Psychological Inquiry: an international journal of peer commentary and review 24 (3)  : 224- 230

(2013)  Price, ME. , Pound, N. , Dunn, J. , Hopkins, S.  and Kang, J. , Body shape preferences: Associations with rater body shape and sociosexuality, PLOS ONE 8 (1)  : e52532 Download publication

(2012)  Stephen, ID. , Scott, IML. , Coetzee, V. , Pound, N. , et al. , Cross-cultural effects of color, but not morphological masculinity, on perceived attractiveness of men's faces, Evolution and Human Behavior 33 (4)  : 260- 267 Download publication

(2012)  Sell, A. , Hone, L.  and Pound, N. , The importance of physical strength to human males, Human Nature: an interdisciplinary biosocial perspective 23 (1)  : 30- 44

(2010)  Scott, IM. , Pound, N. , Stephen, ID. , Clark, AP.  and Penton-Voak, IS. , Does masculinity matter? The contribution of masculine face shape to male attractiveness in humans, PLoS One 5 (10)  : e13585 Download publication

(2009)  Pound, N. , Penton-Voak, IS.  and Surridge, AK. , Testosterone responses to competition in men are related to facial masculinity, Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 276 (1654)  : 153- 159 Download publication

(2009)  Pound, N. , Daly, M.  and Wilson, M. , There's no contest: Human sex differences are sexually selected, Behavioral and Brain Sciences 32 (3-4)  : 286- 287 Download publication

(2008)  Brown, WM. , Price, ME. , Kang, J. , Pound, N. , et al. , Fluctuating asymmetry and preferences for sex-typical bodily characteristics, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 105 (35)  : 12938- 12943 Download publication

(2007)  Penton-Voak, IS. , Cahill, S. , Pound, N. , Kempe, V. , et al. , Male facial attractiveness, perceived personality, and child-directed speech, Evolution and Human Behavior 28 (4)  : 253- 259

(2007)  Pound, N. , Penton-Voak, IS.  and Brown, WM. , Facial symmetry is positively associated with self-reported extraversion, Personality and Individual Differences 43 (6)  : 1572- 1582 Download publication

(2006)  Penton-Voak, IS. , Pound, N. , Little, AC.  and Perrett, DI. , Personality judgments from natural and composite facial images: More evidence for a "kernel of truth" in social perception, Social Cognition 24 (5)  : 607- 640

(2005)  Pound, N. , Goetz, AT.  and Shackelford, TK. , Psychological and physiological adaptations to sperm competition in humans, Review of General Psychology 9 (3)  : 228- 248 Download publication

(2005)  Pound, N.  and Josephson, SC. , What we can and can’t learn about biology from feminism, Bioscience 55 (2)  : 177- 178 Download publication

(2004)  Pound, N.  and Gage, M. , Prudent sperm allocation in Norway rats, Rattus norvegicus: A mammalian model of adaptive ejaculate adjustment, Animal Behaviour 68 (4)  : 819- 823

(2002)  Pound, N. , Anis Shaikh, M. , Javed, M.  and Ruberto, C. , Duration of sexual arousal predicts semen parameters for masturbatory ejaculates, Physiology & Behavior 76 (4-5)  : 685- 689

(2002)  Pound, N. , Male interest in visual cues of sperm competition risk, Evolution and Human Behavior 23 (6)  : 443- 466

Book Chapters

(2015)  Shackelford, TK. , Goetz, AT. , LaMunyon, CW. , Pham, MN.  and Pound, N. , Female Infidelity and Sperm Competition. In: Buss, DM.  ed. Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology. New York : Wiley

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(2006)  Shackelford, TK.  and Pound, N. , Sperm Competition in Humans: Classic and Contemporary Readings. Springer

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