Dr Louise Mansfield


Senior Lecturer & Deputy Director of BC-SHaW

Room: Heinz Wolff Building HW210
Brunel University London
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1895 267561
Fax: +44(0)1895 269769
Email: louise.mansfield@brunel.ac.uk

Career History

Dr. Louise Mansfield is Deputy Director of the Brunel Centre for Sport, Health and Wellbeing (BC.SHaW) in the College of Health and Life Sciences. Her research focuses on gendered inequalities in sport, physical activity and fitness across the lifespan. The health and well-being aspect of her research dovetails with projects she has managed exploring the physical activity and health legacies of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Since 2008 she has co-directed and led research for the Department of Health and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport through the Youth Sport Trust. Louise is particularly interested in community aspects of female involvement in physical activity and issues of health, activity, inequality and diversity. She is part of a volunteer network of local health champions and her work on fitness, health and well-being embraces a Health at Every Size (HAES) approach to sport and physical activity practises (see http://www.healthateverysize.org.uk). She has published in international peer reviewed journals and most recently as guest editor of a special issue of Leisure Studies (2011) titled ‘Leisure and the Politics of the Environment’. She sits on the editorial board of the International Review for the Sociology of Sport as Book and Media Review Editor and is an Executive Board member of the journal Leisure Studies. Louise joined Brunel in December 2011 from Canterbury Christ Church University where she was Reader in the Sociology of Sport and Associate Director of SPEAR.

Teaching Interests

I have been teaching in the HE sector for 16 years and hold membership of the HE Academy. I embrace a research led teaching approach. My teaching skills have been established in both further and higher education and I hold postgraduate teaching qualifications. I advocate a teaching philosophy that embraces a mix of styles from the traditional large lecture to more interactive student-led approaches using new technology. I have designed and delivered a range of modules that draw from across theoretical perspectives in the social sciences to understand sport, physical activity, health and well-being and I continue to engage in on-going curriculum developments in those fields.

Research Interests

Research Details

Louise's research interests lie in the relationship between sport, physical activity and health. She is particularly interested in gendered aspects of sport and health and her publications reflect this focus. Recent funded research projects include:

2014, Public Health England (£10, 000) An Academic Scoping of Physical Activity Research in the UK, in collaboration with the BHFNC and NCSEM, Loughborough University, Co-I

2014, Public Health England (£5, 000), Rapid Response Scoping Review, LGBT Communities and Physical Activity. P-I

2013, CSDA (£69,700) The contribution of CSDA Sport for development programmes in the Caribbean to health, education, gender and disability. Project advisory board member

2013-2018, UK Sport (£90, 000) Evaluation of the Zambia GoSisters Sport Development Project. Co-I

2013, Sport England (£354, 000) Get Healthy Get into Sport: The Health and Sport Engagement (HASE) Project. PI

2013, sportscotland (£9, 723) Evidence review of the value of sport and physical activity in the tertiary education sector. PI

2012, Sport England (£10,000). Further Education Sport Pilot Project Evaluation. PI

2011-2013, UK Sport (£60, 000). Evaluation of the Zambia GoSisters Sport Development Project. Co-I

2011, Youth Sport Trust and Department of Health (£61, 000). Evaluation of Change4Life sports clubs (Year 2). PI.

2011, Youth Sport Trust and Lloyds TSB (£25, 000). Evaluation of National Schools Sports Week. Co-I.

2011, Higher Education Academy (£10, 000). Olympic / Paralympic Games HE Resource. Co-I

2010, Youth Sport Trust (£40, 000). Evaluation of Change4Life sports clubs. PI.

2010, Kent County Council, (£16,400). A worldwide systematic review of the evidence for economic, environmental and health & quality of life outcomes from the provision of cycle tourism and leisure cycling opportunities in East Kent. Co-I.

2010, Podium; the FE and HE unit for the 2012 Games (£4,500). Stakeholder survey: design, conduct and evaluation. PI

2009, Eastern and Coastal Kent Primary Care Trust (£12,900). A focused scoping review of the evidence of achievable outcomes in local communities through initiatives making use of Olympic live sites. Co-I.

2009, Department of Health (£13, 563). Active celebration: using the 2012 Games to get the nation moving. PI.

2009, HEFCE Research Capability Funding. (£3000). Netball in the UK: global sport and gender relations. PI.

2008, Department of Health (£27,000). Systematic review of the evidence base for developing a physical activity and health legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Co-I.

2008, Economic and Social Research Council (£15,000). Leveraging social, cultural and health benefits from London 2012 in the regions. Co-I.

2008,Economic and Social Research Council (£2000). Imagining the Olympics: the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games activity day for young people, exhibition and public lecture. PI.

Research Centre

Brunel Centre for Sport Health and Wellbeing (BC•SHaW)

Selected Publications


Journal Papers

(2013) Malcolm, D. and Mansfield, L., The quest for exciting knowledge: Developments in figurational sociological research on sport and leisure, Política y Sociedad 50 (2)

(2013) Mansfield, L. and Rich, E., Public health pedagogy, border crossings and physical activity at every size, Critical Public Health 23 (3) : 356- 370

(2013) Mansfield, L., Towards an understanding of Netball in Malawi, international sport development and identification: some theoretical and methodological sensitizing issues’, Sport and Society special issue: women, sport and Africa., Sport and Society

(2012) Mansfield, L. and Killick, L., The UK Netball Superleague: A case study of franchising in elite women's sport organisations, European Sport Management Quarterly 12 (5) : 545- 567 Download publication

(2012) Weed, M., Coren, E., Fiore, J., Wellard, I., Mansfield, L., Chatziefstathiou, D. and Dowse, S., Developing a Physical Activity and Health Legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games: A POLICY-LED SYSTEMATIC REVIEW, Critical Perspectives in Public Health 132 (2) : 75- 81

(2011) Mansfield, L. and Wheaton, B., Leisure and the Politics of the Environment, Leisure Studies 30 (4) : 383- 386

(2011) Mansfield, L., 'Sexercise': Working out heterosexuality in Jane Fonda’s fitness books, Leisure Studies 30 (2) : 237- 255 Download publication

(2009) Mansfield, L., Fitness cultures and environmental (in)justice?, International Review for the Sociology of Sport 44 (4) : 345- 362 Download publication

(2009) Mansfield, L., Competing women: Femininity, ‘race’ and national identity in media representations of the Olympic Games in Athens 2004, Sport and Society Journal – Brazil 4 (12) : 1- 26

(2008) Mansfield, L., Reconsidering feminisms and the work of Norbert Elias for understanding gender, sport and sport-related activities, European Physical Education Review 14 (1) : 93- 121 Download publication

(2007) Mansfield, L., Involved-detachment: A balance of passion and reason in feminisms and gender-related research in sport, tourism and sports tourism, Journal of Sport & Tourism 12 (2) : 115- 141

(1998) Mansfield, L. and Maguire, J., "No-body's perfect: Women, aerobics, and the body beautiful", Sociology of Sport Journal 15 (2) : 109- 128

Conference Papers

(2012) Kay, T. and Mansfield, L., Improving the effectiveness of policy to increase physical activity why the social sciences hold the, ICSEMIS pre-Olympic Scientific Conference

Book Chapters

(2013) Malcolm, D., Mansfield, L. and Hughes, J., Elias and Leisure. In: The Routledge International Handbook of Leisure Studies.. Routledge

(2013) Malcolm, D., Mansfield, L. and Hughes, J., Norbert Elias and Leisure Studies. In: Blackshaw, T. ed. Routledge Handbook of Leisure Studies.

(2010) Mansfield, L., Fit, Fat and Feminine? The Stigmatization of Fat Women in Fitness Gyms. In: Kennedy, E. and Markula, P. eds. Women and exercise: Qualitative research on the body, health and consumerism. Routledge 81- 101

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(2010) Mansfield, L., Weed, M. and Dowse, S., Re-thinking the role of values in Olympic/Paralympic legacy planning: Using the London 2012 games to get the nation moving. In: Barney, R., Heine, M., Wamsley, K. and MacDonald, G. eds. Rethinking matters Olympic: investigations into the socio-cultural study of the modern Olympic movement.. London, Ontario : International Olympic Centre Publications 412- 426

(2009) Mansfield, L. and Curtis, H., Competing women: Media representations of femininity and national identification at the Olympic Games in Athens 2004. In: Barney, R., Heine, M., Wamsley, K. and MacDonald, G. eds. Pathways: Critiques and discourse in Olympic research. London, Ontario : International Olympic Centre Publications 391- 404

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(2010) Mansfield, L. and Chatziefstathiou, D., Leisure Identities and Authenticity. LSA

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