Professor Celia Brackenridge, OBE


Research Fellow; Professor (Youth Sport)

Room: Heinz Wolff Building HW271
Brunel University London
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1895 267160
Fax: +44(0)1895 269769
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Research Interests

Research Details

An accredited BASES Interdisciplinary Researcher, Celia has drawn on both natural and social science paradigms in her work. She has pursued particular interests in gender and social justice themes but in her early career also conducted investigations into the evolution and ethology of territorial sports. Celia worked on the BASES equality audit and has also developed and delivered training courses on child protection for sport scientists. She has completed two major research studies for the Football Assocation.

Celia has acted as programme consultant to the IOC Medical Commission Consensus Statement on Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sport (2007-12) and to the UNICEF working group on violence against children in sport (2007-08). She served on the Research Committee of the National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers and the Research Task Force of the NSPCC/Sport England Child Protection in Sport Unit. A nominated member of the Academy of Social Sciences, Celia’s work was summarised in a 2011 joint publication from the AcSS and BPS in the series Making the Case about the social and economic impact of sport and leisure research. In 2012 Celia was awarded an OBE for her services to equality and child protection in sport.

Research Centre

Brunel Centre for Sport Health and Wellbeing (BC•SHaW)

Selected Publications


Journal Papers

(2013) Fasting, K., Brackenridge, CH. and Kjølberg, G., Using court reports to enhance knowledge of sexual abuse in sport: A Norwegian case study, Scandinavian Sport studies forum 4 (2013) : 49- 67 Download publication

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Conference Papers

(2010) Brackenridge, C., Children's rights in football: Welfare and work, International Conference on Centres and Peripheries in Sport Download publication

(2009) Brackenridge, CH., Olympic engagement in promoting athlete welfare, XIII Olympic Congress Contributions

Book Chapters

(2012) Brackenridge, CH., The impact of child protection on Scottish sport governing bodies. In: Brackenridge, CH., Rhind, D. and Kay, T. eds. Sport, Children’s Rights and Violence Prevention: A sourcebook on global issues and local programmes. Brunel University Press

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