The College has a vibrant research community, with over a dozen research centres active, many of them engaged in cross disciplinary work.  Brunel University London has recently joined Imperial College Health Partners and the College of Health and Life Sciences takes a lead role in that partnership.

We have a varied research profile, with extensive work in areas such as Cancer Research, Rehabilitation, Health and Wellbeing, Human Performance and Evolutionary Psychology to name but a few.

Professional approach prevents abuse of elderly

Professional approach prevents abuse of elderly

As financial abuse of the elderly becomes an increasingly widespread problem, Brunel academics have identified ways in which professionals can be helped to stop it in its tracks. In the UK alone more than 70,000 old people each year have money stolen from them by people they trust. And with the number of elderly people placing their financial affairs in the hands of others rapidly increasing, detecting and preventing such... read more

Page last updated: Tuesday 09 December 2014