The College has a vibrant research community, with over a dozen research centres active, many of them engaged in cross disciplinary work.  Brunel University London has recently joined Imperial College Health Partners and the College of Health and Life Sciences takes a lead role in that partnership.

We have a varied research profile, with extensive work in areas such as Cancer Research, Rehabilitation, Health and Wellbeing, Human Performance and Evolutionary Psychology to name but a few.

Risk of drug discharge recognised on continent

Risk of drug discharge recognised on continent

Leading research into regulation of drug discharge into Europe's rivers has led to improved sewage treatment and policy change across the continent. A study by Dr Edwin Routledge showing that steroid oestrogens excreted by women were responsible for the oestrogenic activity of the effluent, and by Prof Susan Jobling, who demonstrated that there was widespread feminisation of wild male fish occurring in UK rivers that received this effluent. It followed... read more

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