Clearing and Adjustment 2014 Courses at Brunel University London

How to apply to Clearing

If you would like to apply for our undergraduate degree courses please call out hotline from 9 to 5. If you would like to apply for one of our Qualified Teaching Programmes and you are a UTT applicant please see the UCAS website.

What do I need when I apply?

You will need to give us the following information:

  • Your UCAS personal ID
  • Your email address (we will send you an email if we can offer you a place so please make sure you provide an address you have access to)
  • Details of your exam results (grades achieved and subjects)
  • Details of the course you want to apply for

Entry criteria

Entry levels for Clearing may be different from those published on the course webpages. If you don’t achieve the grades we ask for contact us and we will assess your whole application and take into account your transferable skills.


Adjustment allows applicants who have met and exceeded the conditions of their firm choice offer to reconsider where and what to study. Read more about Adjustment on the UCAS website


If you have applied to Brunel and secured your place, we will contact you on Thursday 14 August. You can check your confirmation status. For other queries, please email or phone after 14 August.

If you have applied to Brunel and not had your place confirmed, we may be missing some of your exam results. Please call Admissions on +44 (0)1895 265265 for a decision on your application.

International students

Information for international students interested in studying at Brunel

We have limited places in these courses for Clearing and Adjustment applications

Course UCAS Code Subject(s)
Business and Management BSc N100 Business
Psychology and Anthropology BSc LC68 Anthropology; Psychology
Law with International Arbitration & Commercial Law LLB MDM2 Law
Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences BSc C607 Sports Science
Theatre and English BA WQ43 English Literature; Theatre
Computer Systems Engineering (Software) BEng G603 Computing; Electrical Engineering
Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences (Human Performance) BSc C608 Sports Science
Law LLB M103 Law
Computer Science (Digital Media and Games) BSc G450 Computing
Psychology BSc C801 Psychology
Financial Mathematics BSc GN13 Economics and Finance; Mathematics
Composition BMus 2K12 Music
Politics and History BSc LVG1 History; Politics
Journalism BA (NCTJ accredited) P500 Media and Communications; Journalism
Business Computing (Human Computer Interaction) BSc NGD4 Computing
Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) BSc G701 Computing
Theatre BA W440 Theatre
Politics and Sociology BSc LLH2 Politics; Sociology
Economics and Accounting BSc LN14 Accounting; Economics and Finance
Electrical Engineering with Renewable Energy Systems MEng H6H2 Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering
History BA V100 History
Financial Mathematics MMath GN1H Economics and Finance; Mathematics
Psychology and Sociology BSc CL8H Psychology; Sociology
Computer Science BSc G402 Computing
English BA Q300 English Literature
Sonic Arts BA WJ39 Music
Electronic and Electrical Engineering MEng H601 Electrical Engineering
Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences (Coaching) BSc C610 Sports Science
Theatre and Film and Television Studies BA WW46 Film and TV; Theatre
Business Computing (Social Media) BSc NGDK Computing
Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences (Sport Development) BSc C621 Sports Science
Industrial Design and Technology BA HW72 Design
Business and Management (Marketing) BSc N2NM Business; Media and Communications
International Business BSc N120 Business
Communication and Media Studies BSc PP93 Media and Communications; Sociology
Electronic and Communications Engineering BEng H693 Computing; Electrical Engineering
Digital Design (formerly Multimedia Technology and Design) BSc H6W2 Computing; Design; Film and TV
English and Film and TV Studies BA Q3W6 English Literature; Film and TV
Film and Television Studies BA W620 Film and TV
Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences with Business Studies BSc C6ND Business; Sports Science
Contemporary Education BA X300 Teaching and Education
Visual Effects and Motion Graphics (formerly Broadcast Media, Design and Technology) BSc HW62 Design; Film and TV
Electronic and Computer Engineering BEng H604 Computing; Electrical Engineering
Electronic and Electrical Engineering BEng H600 Electrical Engineering
Games Design and Film and Television Studies BA WW26 Film and TV; Games Design
Business and Management (Accounting) BSc NN14 Accounting; Business
Electronic and Communications Engineering MEng H692 Computing; Electrical Engineering
Business Computing BSc NG14 Business; Computing
Computer Systems Engineering (Networks) BEng G421 Computing; Electrical Engineering
Creative Writing BA W800 Creative Writing; English Literature
Computer Systems Engineering BEng GH56 Computing; Electrical Engineering
Theatre and Creative Writing BA W4WW Creative Writing; Theatre
Finance and Accounting BSc NN34 Accounting; Economics and Finance
Product Design Engineering BSc WH27 Design
Mathematics with Computer Science BSc G1GL Computing; Mathematics
Music BA W300 Music
Games Design and Creative Writing BA WW28 Creative Writing; Games Design
Games Design BA I620 Games Design
Sociology and Media Studies BSc LP33 Media and Communications; Sociology
Economics and Business Finance BSc LND3 Business; Electrical Engineering
Economics and Management BSc LNC2 Business; Economics and Finance
Politics and Economics BSc LLC2 Economics and Finance; Politics
Computer Science (Software Engineering) BSc G601 Computing
Business Computing (eBusiness) BSc NI11 Computing
Economics BSc L101 Business; Economics and Finance
Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics with an Integrated Foundation Year and Professional Development G504 Computing; Mathematics
Law with Professional Placement LLB M101 Law
Mathematics BSc G103 Mathematics
Mathematics and Statistics with Management BSc G1NG Business; Mathematics
Electronic and Computer Engineering MEng HGP4 Computing; Electrical Engineering
Product Design BSc H772 Design
Mathematics MMath G100 Mathematics
Anthropology and Sociology BSc LL6H Anthropology; Sociology
Performance BMus 9F33 Music
Law with Criminal Justice LLB M1M2 Law
Sociology BSc L301 Sociology
Anthropology BSc L601 Anthropology
Physical Education and Youth Sport BSc CX36 Teaching and Education; Sports Science
English with Creative Writing BA Q3W8 Creative Writing; English Literature
Computer Science (Network Computing) BSc G424 Computing
Politics BSc L200 Politics
International Politics BSc L240 Politics
Computer Systems Engineering MEng G600 Computing; Electrical Engineering

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Clearing and Adjustment related information

Undergraduate profile

Brunel University London is a campus based university founded in 1966. Brunel’s mission is to combine academic rigour with the practical, entrepreneurial and imaginative approach pioneered by its namesake, Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Brunel offers a broad range of courses, many are accredited by professional institutions, which are recognised by employers and may offer membership or exemption towards further study.


Brunel is located in Uxbridge, the town centre is just a 20 minute walk or short bus ride from campus, and has more than 300 shops, a multiplex cinema, dozens of bars and restaurants. Uxbridge is compact and less frenetic than central London – which is very easy to get to from Uxbridge Station or West Drayton Station.

Campus living

Students on Brunel’s campus enjoy a strong sense of community with 14,000 students including 2,500 international students from over 110 different countries, so there's always something interesting going on!


Brunel’s halls provide high quality facilities, they are all on campus, meaning you are never more than 10 minutes away from the teaching, social and sporting facilities. Campus accommodation is guaranteed to Read more..


Brunel offers a range of Undergraduate scholarships.

How to find Brunel University London

Brunel is within easy access to the centre of London (45 minutes by underground), London Heathrow Airport (20 minutes by car) and close to motorway links to the rest of the UK.

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