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Made in Brunel Software Innovation

The Department of Computer Science hold will be holding their annual Made in Brunel (Software Innovation) event on 17 April 2018, where Level 2 and 3 students showcase their software development projects.

The inspiring work on show is part of the students’ Level 2 and Final Year Projects. Representatives from a number of large and small companies are invited to view the innovative projects, judge and award prizes:

  • Accenture – L2 Business Innovation Prize
  • Ford - L3 Project Pitch Prize
  • Heathrow – L3 Project Originality Prize
  • Xerox - L3 Software Architecture Prize
  • Everyone Active – L2 Innovative Mobile App Prize
  • Dept. of Computer Science - L2 Software Engineering Prize

The event is an excellent platform for our students as it gives them a real sense of achievement and recognition for all their hard work. Made in Brunel (Software Innovation) student demonstrations have helped many students secure placements and graduate careers with employers. Each year we are also extremely proud to host Brunel graduates returning to represent their companies at the show. 

Interested in attending our Brunel Engineers Showcase? 

Come along to our event on Tuesday 17 April 4pm-7pm:
16:00 Registration 
16:30 Industry Judging 
17:30 Food and drinks 
18:00 Level 2 Prizes
18:30 Level 3 Prizes
19:00 Close


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Made in Brunel (Software Innovation) Employers

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Made in Brunel (Software Innovation) 2016

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Made in Brunel (Software Innovation) 2017