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A Parent’s Perspective

Natalie currently has two daughters at university.

"The search for a suitable university course started in earnest in Year 12. Different children view this process in different ways, one may want to attend a batch of different Open Days, another may have settled on a particular course and just one university. They attended a Higher Education Fair on the south coast and we trawled around 6 Open Days from Southampton to Cardiff, Birmingham to Warwick, and round to Brunel from home in West London.

One thing that came over loud and clear was the point that, if the atmosphere on campus on a visit day didn’t feel right, the student wasn’t going to feel at home there and was pushing to leave almost as soon as they’d arrived.

A viewing of at least one type of university accommodation was essential for us, girls in particular want to be able to see themselves living and studying in this room. Also, the chance to talk to existing students had an enormous impact, a friendly face and the opportunity to ask those questions they couldn’t pose to a member of staff really made a difference.

On the financial side, a student loan is an inevitable fact of life, but that student life can be made much easier if the parents can afford to contribute a bit, maybe by paying the accommodation bills, leaving the student to live off the rest of the loan. Some guidance in budgeting and a few cookery lessons also come in handy. We also found the January and Summer sales the best place to buy all the essentials that would be needed to make a student room more homely."

Page last updated: Monday 27 January 2014