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Research projects

Current and recent research projects

  • Through a series of projects including LENSES,  we developed a set of design tools for the ideation of sustainable product-service systems for energy access in low-income rural areas (funded by EU and EPSRC).
  • In the LeNSin project we are exploring how the distributed manufacturing paradigm can provide opportunities to support the implementation of sustainable product-service systems (funded by EU).
  • Design with Intent is a design tool aimed particularly at socially and environmentally beneficial behaviour change.
  • In the City Visionaries project we are working with Brazilian NGOs to empower youngsters living in favelas with social entrepreneurship and co-design skills (funded by British Council).
  • The Powerweave project delivered a fundamentally new approach to the development of smart textiles, namely the integration of active energy harvesting and storage fibres within woven structure (funded by EU).
  • The EMPOWER project focused on user centred design for energy efficiency in commercial buildings (funded by EPSRC).
  • The Octopus project developed a soft-bodied robot inspired by the morphology and behaviour of the octopus (funded by EU).
  • The MoveAid project aims to produce custom orthotics through 3D printing and bridges additive manufacturing with digital design and biomimetics (funded by EU).
  • The Prototyping Open Innovation Models for Manufacturing in Food and Packaging project (funded by EPSRC) aims to design and develop a new crowd sourced food and package design and innovation platform comprised of a suite of ICT tools for state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and implementing "customers in the loop" co-creation. 
  • City Visionaires - Newton Fund

    City Visionaires - Newton Fund

  • Design with Intent

    Design with Intent



  • LeNSIN


  • movaid arm

    movaid arm

  • powerweave energy storage fibre

    powerweave energy storage fibre