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Undergraduate courses in Design

Brunel’s undergraduate Design degrees are some of the most renowned and respected in Europe and our students and graduates have won many prestigious design awards.

At Brunel we believe that good design is the combination of commercial awareness with creative and inspirational thought, validated by sound technological reasoning, defined through the design process. Graduates of the Industrial Design and Technology course will have significant engineering understanding and will be able to take on key roles encompassing all aspects of the design process, as well as being prepared for further research-based studies. 

Our design courses have evolved to meet the needs of industry worldwide, by teaching highly motivated students, through in-depth professional studies, to become imaginative yet practical professional designers

All our design courses are accredited by the Institution of Engineering Designers (iED) to ensure that the courses maintain their academic and commercial relevance. Student membership of the iED is free and encourages continuous professional development through journals and conferences. On graduation, students are eligible for full membership, with further career and training options which can lead to Chartered Engineer status. We offer the following degree programmes: 

Undergraduate programmes