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Brunel Centre for Accounting, Finance and Corporate Governance Studies (CACG)

The Centre for Accounting, Finance and Corporate Governance Studies (CACG) aims to promote knowledge  creation and dissemination through conducting research on issues relating to corporate   finance, securities investment, financial accounting, corporate governance, financial markets and institutions including banks and insurance firms. The Centre provides a platform for facilitating research exchange between Brunel scholars and external academics.

Our Aims:
  • To conduct both empirical and theoretical based research on a broad range of topics in finance, accounting and economics
  • To highlight the policy implications of our research findings
  • To provide external scholars with a platform to visit Brunel for joint research in finance, investment strategies, corporate governance, financial institutions and banks
  • To provide a link between industries, governments and academics via our scholarly activities for knowledge transfer and impact
  • To provide expert mentoring, training and research skills for research students and junior academics

The Centre also provides doctoral students with a centre of support for the development of their academic career in research on finance, financial accounting and corporate governance. The Centre particularly promotes interdisciplinary studies across finance, accounting and economics.