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Brunel Macroeconomics Research Centre (BMRC)

The BMRC is an integral part of the Economics and Finance Department. As part of its interdisciplinary nature it works closely with the Centre of Empirical Finance (CEF) and the Centre for Economic Development and Institutions (CEDI). Its main goals are to be an innovative research Centre in Economics and to enhance the interaction between model builders and policy makers. The focus of the BMRC is to conduct first-rate research into macroeconomics aspects of a range of issues such as unemployment, debt and financial instability. The Centre primarily conducts research in the domains of: Money and Banking; Finance and Growth, Macroeconomic Dynamics; Labour and International Economics; Financial Regulation. To this end it promotes theoretical and empirical work in the broad area of economics.

Our Aims:
  • To conduct innovative research on a broad range of topics in economics
  • To highlight the policy implications of the research findings
  • To provide a base for scholars in macroeconomic research interested in visiting Brunel
  • To contribute to debates relevant to practitioners and to interact with policy makers
  • To provide expert mentoring, training and research skills for research students and junior academics