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Meet our students

katijah-wellings-thomasKatijah Wellings Thomas

Course: Games Design and Creative Writing BA

"I chose Brunel as my firm choice because, talking to previous students, they seemed to really enjoy their time here. The University was one of the few which offered my course, Games Design and Creative Writing." 

I also loved the idea of staying within London on a modern campus. Games Design and Creative Writing is absolutely brilliant and I am truly excited to attend every lecture. The classes are so comfortable and everybody is so friendly. Even though I am doing joint honours, I am still given choices for the modules I do. The lecturers on the Games Design course make learning so appealing and fun. The projects we are set very much allow us to express ourselves and be independent in what we produce.

In terms of my future plans, my course is helpful in giving many openings to different careers such as journalism, advertising, designing, etc. There are many opportunities at Brunel and during my time here I have joined the trampolining club and begun taking free graded music theory classes.

jeremy-linaresJeremy Linares

Course: Digital Games Theory and Design MA

"Theory and Design really gave me a chance to explore videogames in new ways, equipping me with the tools to do so throughout the course."

The mix of disciplines was probably the most useful aspect; being taught about design, theory and the game industry in equal parts means that each third of the course informs the other two, preparing you no matter what course you choose to take in the future.