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Undergraduate programmes

Games Design BA

In the past 30 years digital games have become core to some of the largest businesses in the world and a significant element of popular culture. This degree aims to produce graduates who have a comprehensive understanding of the factors that shape the games industry and the techniques and principles used in the design of games. You will have the opportunity to design and analyse digital and other types of games at a high level and develop an informed understanding of current debates in the subject. Find out more

Games Design and Creative Writing BA

This joint honours programme replaces some of the art and programming modules of the Single BA and instead teaches creative writing skills with an emphasis on creativity and narrative.

Adding the study of creation of literary texts to your design and analysis of digital games will give you a rich understanding of how storylines are created and played across contemporary media.

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We also have a dedicated Games Lab, for all Games Designs students, which is a great place to play games of all formats old and new, and mix with staff and students investigating this exciting new academic topic. All games students also benefit from our high-profile guest speakers programme, which attracts experienced designers and developers from all over the games industry to give talks at Brunel.