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Global Challenges skills development

Your learning will go beyond lectures and books to help you develop a skillset that will make you ready to make change in the world, in whatever field of practice you choose to go into.

Fundamentally the Global Challenges programme is for people who want to contribute and really make a difference in the world. This is shown not only in the selection of the four specialist strands that reflect where new thinking is required in the current and future world, but also by the unique skills we’ll help you to develop.

You may think employers are first-and-foremost concerned with the grades you gained on your degree programme, the evidence suggests that this is far from the truth. While obtaining a ‘good degree’ is always important, the range of experiences, technical and communication skills and in particular your attitude and aptitude is considered equally important to whether you get offered the job.

The beauty of this programme is that the development of both academic and practical skills is integrated into the fabric of the course, combined with the range of learning opportunities that are provided. These will include project work, team and problem based learning, ‘war room’ scenarios and presentations alongside the conventional lectures and seminars with staff from across the university.

Communication is key

You’ll graduate with well-developed written, visual and verbal communication skills honed through practice in presentations, blogging and vlogging, group working, liaising with external stakeholders, responding to briefs, and writing mock policy documents.

Think outside the box

We’ll help you develop an understanding of complex social, political, environmental and economic issues, and the ability to reflect upon evidence in order to communicate, problem solve and develop strategies with appropriate specialists and/or other stakeholders in ways that generate potential solutions and ways forward.

Project management skills

You’ll be ready to see a number of different types of projects through from concept to completion, developed through experience of team working in a range of contexts.

Gain an international competitive advantage

As a large part of this course will look at international studies, you’ll be encouraged to gain or improve your skills in a second or third language with our expert support.  

Creative research methods

Experience a wide range of approaches to research and data analysis. You’ll look at creative, transformative, arts and visual, and mixed method research approaches.

Become a difference maker

As part of the course you’ll become a resilient, open-minded, dynamic listener who is eager to learn and to use their knowledge and skills to make a difference in the world.

Build your skills with Global Challenges at Brunel