Employability Prize

The Institute for the Environment has launched a new scheme to celebrate the achievements of our alumni by offering an Employability prize of £500 every year. To apply for this prize you must tell us about your success story and how your MSc and the skills that you developed during your stay at Brunel University, has helped you with your career. We are specifically interested in what you did to get your job so that our existing students can learn from your experience. The winning story will be posted on our web page. The winner will be invited to receive their prize in an event attended by all staff members and our existing research and MSc students in the middle of December.

Your success story should be between 1,000 and 1,200 words, and should include the following:

  • A title
  • The problems you encountered to get your existing job and how you overcame them. Did you come up with a solution on your own, or did you seek help from professional recruitment agencies?
  • Lessons that you have learned during this process that could help our existing students further their own careers.
  • Additional steps, if any, taken to improve your employability.
  • Any future plans and how you will achieve them.
  • Please include the name of your company in your success story if possible, and provide evidence that you are still working for the company. You also need to tell us about your job description or any prizes or awards you have received.

Stories are due by 30 September each year and we will pick up our winner by 30 November. Any success stories received after the deadline will be judged automatically in the next academic year.

Judgment: All success stories will be judged based on the narrative of your success, the nature of your job and the strategy that you had adopted in order to get your professional job and how helpful your story could be to other alumni or our existing students.

Page last updated: Tuesday 14 February 2012