IfE's Susan Jobling inspires students at a local school

Published: Thursday 26 April 2012
Susan at BGS

Prof. Sue Jobling - Head of IfE - led a Cafe Sci debate at Burnham Grammar School in March 2012. Many of the students were inspired by Sue's research and achievements and are now considering careers in the biological sciences.

Sue told us: "Getting school kids interested in science is really important to me. If we want to have informed public debate about scientific issues then people need to have an understnading and appreciation of science from a young age. We also take this to the next level and run a programme of successful MSc courses at the Institute for the Environment so that we can be involved in training the next generation of environmental scientists, legislators, managers, monitors and so on. Envonmental science is a growth area and represents a great opportunity to develop a successful career. This is reflected in our established courses and our new MSc in Toxicology and Risk Assessment that is geared towards understanding new legislation."

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