Toxicology and Risk Assessment Continuing Professional Development

Some of the specialised modules of the Toxicology and Risk Assessment MSc are run as intensive short-courses on 5 consecutive days, so they can be taken individually by participants, without having to enrol for the full course.

The aim is to support professionals already in employment in advancing their knowledge in specific areas, as well as developing their careers. These modules are:

Designing, Analysing and Interpreting Toxicological Studies (14th-15th, 21st-22nd and 28th-29thNovember 2013)
This module covers the principles of toxicological study design, with an emphasis on setting up a study, analysing and interpreting data.

Current Practice in Chemical Risk Assessment (26th-28th Feb and 3rd-4th Mar 2014)
The module deals with the concepts and approaches that are currently used in human and ecological risk assessment

Chemical Regulation and Legislation in the EU (17th-18th and 21st-23rd October 2013)
In this module, the general features of relevant EU pieces of regulation are explained, including Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), Water Framework Directive (WFD), Plant Protection Products Regulation (PPPR) and Biocidal Products Directive (BPD).

Mixtures Toxicology and Cumulative Risk Assessment (22nd-24th and 27th-28th Jan 2014)
The module provides an introduction to the basic concepts of mixture toxicology. Here, students have hands-on experience with designing mixture experiments and analysing mixture data.

The credits achieved with these short-courses will contribute to the graduate’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and towards the requirements to register or revalidate registration with the UK Register of Toxicologists.

A Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) is awarded to graduates who complete all four courses successfully.

How to apply for the CPD courses

In the first instance, it is usually best to contact Dr. Elisabete Silva to discuss the CPD courses and your particular requirements.

The next step is to download this pdf form, fill it in and return it to the address given on the form. This can be done by post or by email at least 1 week before the start of the course.



Page last updated: Friday 27 September 2013