Foreign Language Courses


Brunel offers a range of language classes to staff, students and members of the public. Our classes help you develop key linguistics skills and are taught by qualified native speakers who offer a fun and stimulating learning environment. In the 2013-2014 student survey, it was reported that

100% of Modern Foreign Language students at Brunel would recommend our language courses to a friend
99% said that their course had met their expectations
99% rated their progress as satisfactory to very good

Why learn a foreign language?

  • You open doors to foreign cultures
  • You expand your communication skills
  • You are better equipped to undertake an exchange programme
  • You can develop an international network
  • You have a competitive advantage in the job market
  • You stand out from the crowd
  • You become more employable
  • You gain entry to the global market place

Our foreign language courses consist of 20 weekly two-hour sessions run in 10-week blocks over two terms.

Term 1 runs from 28 September until 4 December 2015.

Term 2 runs from 11 January until 18 March 2016.

Currently, our courses are not credit-bearing. However, participants will be issued with an Attendance Certificate provided they have attended 14 out of 20 sessions or a Certificate of Achievement provided they have attended 14 out of 20 sessions as well as completed and passed our progress tests.



Enrolment for Modern Foreign Language courses will start on Wednesday, 16 September 2015 and must be completed online. Please check our self-assessment guide before applying for a course.

If you have any queries regarding the courses or your level, you can contact Karin Hayes, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, at

Self Assessment Guide

Please click here for the Self-assessment guide.



Cost during the academic year 2014/15
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