Life at IPLC

While you are studying with IPLC, you will have the chance to participate in our excellent social programme. This offers opportunities to visit tourist hot spots around the UK on day trips and enjoy events after class both on and off campus.

Through these events you can practice your English in a fun and friendly environment, make new friends and experience British culture, while also sharing your own culture with other students.

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Top Tips - getting the most out of your time at IPLC:

1. Listen to lots of UK radio programmes while you’re here:

2. Join clubs and societies for all Brunel students:

3. Try different foods while you’re in the UK – unlike what you may have heard, we do eat more variety here than just fish and chips!

4. Organise cooking a meal with some of your class friends or flat mates once a month or even once a week – great way to make friends! Share your culture with the diverse mix of students at Brunel. 

Page last updated: Friday 23 October 2015